Trave lying be hind two slower vehicles on Golden West Highway on Saturday , i pulled out to overtake
I was in 6th gear and changed back to 5th to make overtaking q unclear and safer. Speed as I pulled out was about 110k and I would have been doing 130 as I passed the 2nd vehicle. At that point the motor cut out, all the dash lights came on but fortunately was able to safEly pull back on to my Side of the road . The motor cut back in, the dash lights went out and I was able to continuE on.
However the motor lacked power and I had to change down gears to get up even a slight climb.
When I could get off the road I pulled over and switched off. Lifted bonnet and checked everything. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Started up again a nd the motor had reset to normal operation and didn't miss a beat for the remaining 500k of my trip.
Has anyone else had this problem? My ranger is 2012 basic model with 135,000 k on the odo. Did I hit the rev limiter and cause the engine to cut out or is there something else that causes this problem. Have had no other issues with the ute since I bought it new in 2012.