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Thread: Fiesta Mk6 (2007) Starting Problem - Diagnosis Required

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    Unhappy Fiesta Mk6 (2007) Starting Problem - Diagnosis Required

    Hi all,

    Our poor little Fiesta is having starting issues and in its current state it is sadly not worth spending a lot of money on, so before I call out the experts at a cost I would like to try to obtain a rough idea of what the problem might be. Wondering if anyone has solved a similar problem or can assist with diagnosis of potential issue from the following symptoms:
    1. A week ago the car is starting and running fine
    2. Then more recently when started, the engine would choke and stall; pressing the accelerator just after starting would save the engine from stalling
    3. Yesterday it took 3 cranking attempts to get it to start and not stall
    4. This morning it would not start at all

    Additional information to aid diagnosis:
    • Car could be instantly restarted after switching off once it was warm
    • Battery is a few months old and showing as fully charged; this has been recharged with a CTEK charger and does not seem to be the issue
    • It sounds like the starter motor is working fine and it is cranking the engine without fail
    • Fuel pump sounds like it primes on activation of the ignition
    • The same fuel has been put in another car and it is running without problem, so unlikely to be fuel contamination
    • Spark plugs have not been checked, but the car was not misfiring once warm, although on a few occassions it was hesitant whilst still cold
    • Air filter has not been checked, but it should be clean and is apparently rarely the problem

    Other fingers point at ECU issues or Idle Air Control Valve.

    Any opinions?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Fiesta Mk6 (2007) Starting Problem - Diagnosis Required

    Recently had plenty of failures to start on my falcon until I cleaned the injectors, the plugs were nearly too dirty to fire so maybe have a look at yours and see if a tuning issue is obvious

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