Lost a key for my 2014 Kuga recently (Ambiente) and had to go through the hoops trying to find an alternative to Ford dealers first quote of $2000 for a new Fob keyless start. Best price cane in at $100 for the key plus $40 for cutting including programming. I am from the old school where you needed a new key you bought one from (dare I say it) China Ebay supplier and went through the handbook process of inserting both keys and followed the required sequence from the Owners Manual. No such luck with the Kuga we have bought here (Spanish build). It seems Ford have taken away the convenience and peace of mind of doing extra keys by the owner. USA Escape and Explorer however still produce models with a program "pocket " in the console or under the push button. Seems we in Oz are too dumb to handle the extra key programming, or they have locked it out as a trial to make for a more lucrative deal for the dealers. My enquiries from dealers and locksmiths seem to come up with the incredible approach of shutting out programming with Chinese Fobs by quoting incredibly high programming fees. The best reply from one locksmith when pressed was "we want to sell our stock" as he quoted me $20 more for doing a deal on my Chinese Fob than him supplying AND cutting the emergency door key supplied by themselves. My repair mechanic found his programmer unit did not support the Kuga when tested and the service centre notes stated that a mandatory programmer is required to prepare and code new keys. I dont know about the rest of you Kuga owners but I find the whole approach is a delibrate lockout. If this is a sign of the future my repurchase will NOT be for a new Ford. This negative approach is pretty poor. It does NOT protect rightful owners in any way but simply puts up a whole new level of annoyance and needless expense. If the key was the wrong type in the old system then it just did not duplicate the key. Current trends are showing that the "new" key systems are now being cracked by the boffins and your car is easily stolen as in the past. It is just faster and easier with the new "keyless" technology so dont believe the nonsense about security. It is securing the income for the guys with the programmer units and these are now being sold by the Chinese codebreakers as I write this up. So come on Ford - let's see the owner capability with two working keys get into the game again to make their own backup spare keys as in the past and as done overseas for many recent models.