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Thread: '05 BA Falcon ICC conversion to premium

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    Default '05 BA Falcon ICC conversion to premium

    Hey everyone,

    I've got a 05 falcon SR which had a 6 stack ICC in it but was replaced with a base model ICC. I want to upgrade now to a premium ICC. The new one has Dual Zone but my car doesn't have that currently. Can anyone tell me how expensive the process is to get it reprogrammed for my car and if a dual zone conversion is possible. Ive read a few forums on here about it but just after clarification.

    also wanted to know if a 05 Territory ICC fits 05 Falcons? (
    Premium again)

    UPDATE: so I called my local Ford dealer this morning and the guy there said that no conversion is possible whatsoever, even just putting a premium into the car. Anyone know if that's a half truth? He said it'd take hours so it sounds like he just doesn't want to do it.
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