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Thread: Transmission Oil Coolers - 2017 Update

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    Default Transmission Oil Coolers - 2017 Update

    I realise this subject has been well covered for 6 speed ZF transmissions.

    This is about the 5 speed 5R55S auto.

    Just had mine serviced with Mercon V (which I supplied ). My 2009 XR6 has 81,000 Klm on it and I am now thinking about replacing the original transmission heat exchanger on it.

    Option 1 Buy a new water / oil unit from Ford $280

    Option 2 Buy a $65 water / oil unit on Ebay ( from Victoria ) . Looks good on paper !

    Option 3 Furious 5 speed Falcon oil / air kit $350 plus fitting.

    Option 4 PWR generic oil / air kit $150 plus fitting.

    Option 5 Hayden generic Oil / air kit $330 plus fitting.

    Option 6 Keep driving on the one I have.

    I have attached a picture of the Ebay water oil unit.

    Has any forum member used one of these Ebay units ?

    Love to hear any informed comment / experiences on these options ( or any I have missed ).

    Cheers all
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