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Thread: TC Headlight switch

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    Default TC Headlight switch

    So my switch broke, which is ok, cause I want to replace it to match some of my new aftermarket switches anyway....

    So I pulled the switch apart to see ow it works, then had a play sticking stripped wire between pins to experiment, and here's what I've kinda figured....

    There r 6 pins on the back... Laid out out in 3 columns, each with wires

    For this ill call them

    1. 3. 5
    2. 4. 6

    Off position, all r open
    First position, 1,2,3 and 4 are all connected (this is parkers)
    Second position, 5 and 6 are connected (this is lights on)

    2 has current, 6 has current.

    Can I replace this setup with 2 toggles,
    One has 1,2,4 on on side and 3 on the other, and is used to turn parkers on
    Other has 5 and 6 and used to turn headlight on.

    Would that work as a simple DIY solution?

    PS when I link 2-4 parkers come on, so I assume that's where 4 goes....assuming 1 and 3 in that diagram have something to do with the back of the car?

    At heaps, hope my weird way of explaining makes sense

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