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Thread: Mk2 Escort paint code and Blank Vin plates

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    Default Mk2 Escort paint code and Blank Vin plates

    Hi there, i recently bought a Mk2 1.3 1976 XL escort and need a bit of help.
    I am after new blank vin plates as the ones i have on are in the worst of condition and they wont let it pass pits.
    i am also after some help regarding the paint code. it says the paint code is 3 but i have searched all over the net and according to alot of websities the code 3 didn't come out till 1979 and it was called gold dust. but as you can tell the car isnt gold at all. in its life, so hopefully someone can tell me the name of the colour as i am respraying the car.
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    Default Re: Mk2 Escort paint code and Blank Vin plates

    Paint code 3 in 1976 is Polar White.
    You can't buy new vin plates (as far as I know)
    I'd check with your local state roads authority what the deal is with poor condition vin plates. I've bought cars (registered here in victoria) without vin plates and all that has been required is an inspection at vicroads. May be different in other states, or I have been lucky in the past????? Who knows?
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