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Thread: 99 VG Transit 2L questions

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    Default 99 VG Transit 2L questions

    Hey everyone,
    Just fixing up my 99 transit 2L petrol and have a few questions. Im noticing first that the van has always seemed to suffer from an initial hesitation. I just wanted to know if this is just a characteristic of this vehicle or are there things I should check. I have already and cleaned and checked the AFM. Anyone have any ideas?

    I have a manual off of ebay but it is not very user friendly is there anything else available?

    Apart from that looking for a boss kit and any suspension mods that anyone has for this model? Also are late model seats interchangeable or anything want to upgrade if possible. Thanks for any help going to give this thing a complete work over.

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    Default Re: 99 VG Transit 2L questions

    dont know much but sounds like if its fuel injected dirty injectors and if carby float level low or dirty main jet

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