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Thread: WinXP language

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    Default WinXP language

    Detail on mu bao hiem

    Hi folks,

    Win XP 32 bit (English version)

    Can I change the captioned OS displaying Chinese on tool bars, icons etc.

    Having played around on "Regional and Language Options" without result. I found I can't "tick" "Apply all settings to the current user account and to the default user profile" permanently. After -> Apply -> OK -> reboot, it unticked this item.

    IIRC it is possible. I did it about 9 years ago when WinXP was first released. Any advice? TIA


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    Default Re: WinXP language

    Did'nt China invade Vietnam back in the 70's So much
    for being 'friends'. We give you commies computers and
    instead of being productive and studious you make ****.
    Well says allot about your IQ...

    Well its looks like you've 'solved your own problem' and is a rather obvious
    question reguarding character sets. I have inspected your website and
    script checker however...

    You idoits don't learn do you, maybe its time we just started send
    loopback signals to ips originating from your home country. Maybe
    that will effect your e-commerce a bit. China of all places is
    the home of piracy long John Silver and their version of Windows
    probably has more worms than a worm farm.

    Maybe the IANA was right it was too premature to let some
    countries we fought during the first cold war access to technology
    given in goodwill during the 90's. Thats the thanks we get.
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