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Thread: coolant leak

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    Default coolant leak

    Good day guys,
    Just a quick question men,I have coolant coming from the small hole at the bottom of the waterpump. Has the pump had it or just a gasket gone? Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: coolant leak

    Rather than a gasket I thought most of these models had an o-ring, but either is possible. It pays to look carefully and see if the leak is merely obvious at the bottom of the pump or is definitely coming from there, a slow leak from further up can be misleading

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    Default Re: coolant leak

    If it is leaking from the hole in the bearing support you need to change the pump.
    The hole is a tell tail for the pump seal to identify that it is leaking.
    If the seal is leaking it is also letting water in to the bearing.
    The bearing will fail - replace the pump.
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