If I ever had to part with either my XR6 Falcon or VX II Commodore, and buy a new small car for local trips and shorter runs, the Hyundai 130 SR Auto looks the stand out buy.

I have been looking to bump a (male) owner in a car park and ask what he thinks of it. The problem is, I have not seen one in the flesh on a Sydney road for the past 6 months.

This is strange as the i30 is close to Australia’s to selling sedan, 3rd in May with some 2800 sold.

Are these all the base model 2 litre i30 ( still an excellent car )

Why the lack of SR sales ?

Apart from not seeing an i30 SR in the flesh, I have not seen an Elantra SR either !

Is it the big jump in cost over the base 2 litre i30 ?

About $6,000 to $8,000. Is it the Dual clutch transmission.?

Ford sold very few FGX Falcons, but I see plenty of them on the road.

I cannot find an Australian Hyundai internet Forum to put the question.

Love to hear any informed comment.