Hi Guys,

The rear passenger side door controls on my Ford Mondeo (2010 MB TDCi) are not working.

I first noticed that the electric window would not go up and down, then I realized that the central locking was not working for that door either. Furthermore the little lights that indicate up and down for the electric window controls are not lighting up either.

I have taken the door trim off, and the wiring looks to be in good health (although I am yet to test continuity with a multi-meter).

I suspect that there could be an issue with the door control unit, pictured below -

Mondeo Control Box.jpg

The circuitry in the box itself looks (no burn marks) and smells (no burn scent) ok.

What I am wondering is if anybody else has replaced this box? If so has it fixed the issue with the rear door?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,