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Thread: Ford xc head conversion

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    Default Ford xc head conversion

    Hi all,
    Was wanting information about my Ford xc 250.
    It has a cast iron head with a Holley 350 carburettor.
    I have found a alloy head that has had alot of work done eg porting and so on.
    Would this fit on my old block and would this be a great performance upgrade? Also will the existing manifold and extractors bolt back on new head?
    Thanks for your time
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    Default Re: Ford xc head conversion

    Yes it will bolt onto your block.

    But intake manifold has different water jackets and bolt pattern is different, same with extractors unless they are the multi fit ones. They have extra bolt holes that won't have bolts in them.

    As for performance, if it's had port and valve work it will be an upgrade.
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