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Thread: Falcon 5 Speed Auto Service

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    Default Falcon 5 Speed Auto Service

    I have a well kept 2009 XR6 Falcon 5 speed auto with 78,000 Klm on it.

    I am thinking the transmission should have a service ( new Mercon 5 ).

    Been to two local ( SW Sydney ) automatic transmission specialist. One quote $480 the other $250.

    The cheaper one, surely they would use the correct Mercon 5 for this price . I read some time back on this forum that some transmission specialists are using Dexron III in these.

    Should I just buy some of the commercial Castrol Mercon 5 and provide it for the service ?

    Has any member had any recent experience in servicing Falcon 5 speed autos. ?

    Appreciate any comment / feedback.

    Cheers All

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    Default Re: Falcon 5 Speed Auto Service

    penrie fully synthetic multitrans is good stuff id be making shore they use the right fluid has to be a fully synthetic these autos do have some problems but u wont see them till u get some millage on it like near 200,000 key is to keep it serviced it helps they do have adjustable bands aswell so make shore they check those

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