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Thread: EA Falcon misses or stumbles badly when starting up from cold but when warm is OK.

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    Angry EA Falcon misses or stumbles badly when starting up from cold but when warm is OK.

    This starting problem with my EA 3.9L MPFI Falcon is driving me bonkers.

    I posted this YouTube video of what happens every time I start the engine from cold every cold or cool morning. Once warm the car runs and idles fine and on warm days the engine starts from cold and idles without much problem with perhaps one or two short misses.


    The video shows this common sequence for a cold start on a cold or cool morning:
    * After starting the engine idles OK for about 10 to 30 seconds
    * The engine then misses and stumbles badly (almost stops) repeatedly every few seconds for about 2 minutes
    * By this time the engine is warm enough with the temp gauge moving from the cold position, with maybe the oxygen sensor up to temp, and the car idles and drives normally

    I have read many posts and investigated the common reasons for this behaviour but maybe someone can suggest what could cause this extreme level of engine missing and stumbling?

    I have changed the leads, spark plugs (NGK), coil, distributor, inlet manifold gasket, fuel pump and filter, the oxygen sensor, checked for vacuum leaks, cleaned the throttle body, the injectors all operate (click sound and have used injector cleaner), all spark plugs fire and none are black and I swapped over the MAP sensor and ISC valve (after cleaning) from a Falcon at the wreckers. All these actions changed nothing.

    The head was changed a few years ago and there is no coolant in the engine oil but the engine does produce a bit of smoke when still cold and looks to me to be running too rich and I don't think it's oil smoke. Given the cylinder head is new I doubt coolant is entering any cylinders. A compression check showed all cylinders are normal.
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