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Thread: LW Focus MY11 Break Pads

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    Default LW Focus MY11 Break Pads

    I have a MY11 LW Titanium with 90k. The original factory disc pads lasted 58k, the replacement -though "genuine Ford" lasted 32k with no change in driver or driving style. I am convinced as the car was made in Germany the quality of the factory fitted pads was far superior to whatever the Ford dealer replaced them with.
    Has anybody had similar experience?

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    Default Re: LW Focus MY11 Break Pads

    Hey wicksey21,

    Having my fair share of experience in fixing European vehicles I've noticed that "euro" models tend to chew through brake pads. Unsure why the second set didn't last the same time as the originals but I can confirm that Honda CIVIC HATCH needs brake pads and discs from as early as 20k which is absolutely horrific.

    I hope you have a better experience here on in,


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    Default Re: LW Focus MY11 Break Pads

    My front brakes were recommended to be changed at only 31k according to the logbook. These were from Germany stock pads. I changed them myself at 40199km for peace of mind with a Ford set.

    I recently did the rears at 52365km with Motorcraft pads too for peace of mind but they still looked ok. I'll update this thread once they start to go and need replacing.

    MY11 LWs are all made in Germany, I believe sometime in 2012 they moved production to Thailand.

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