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Thread: Notebook running to damn hot?

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    Default Notebook running to damn hot?

    Here's some tips if your notebook is running hotter than Hades and your good
    with computers and understand basic repair and basic thermal dynamics
    and heat flow stuff. If you computer especially is mysteriously crashing
    doing mundane tasks-and its got nothing to do with viruses or hacking.
    Could save you a few hundred bucks or thousands if you follow these steps.

    As our friends at Crucial have happily shown your main fan heatsinks and chipset heatsinks. Check for screws,fans and clips.

    Heres what 'ol Numbskull did- (only for notebooks that are out
    of warranty remember as repair technos get hot under the collar
    when plebs especially the ones who think they know but don't...)
    Send it back for warranty repair if part 1 fails you.

    1. Clean the fans- This is the number 1 cause why notebooks cook
    themselves (especially in a dusty environment or carpeted homes
    or furry friends for pets) even when their brand new- A can of compressed air
    to blast the crap out everything or a good fine horse-hair dusting brush or your
    Mrs or girlfriends eye duster works to- just hope she does not notice!

    if that does not work and its still cooking itself. Now take a deep breath
    and get out some fine screwdrivers and be patient please as its easy to
    break stuff if your too ham-fisted. Patience, patience and a gentle hand.

    2. Dissassemble the back of your notebook- Now depending on how your
    notebook is designed. This may engage some controversy here but I
    have noticed some notebooks are easier to repair then others. Some
    el-cheapo's are not fixable. You may notice such a notebook where
    there are no screws and stuff is 'riverted' in or plastic 'melt' jobs
    are used. If this is the case forget remember to buy a more reputable
    brand next time around. Its ready to pollute the world in landfill.

    Otherwise. If everything is going good and you can remove the bottom of the case

    3. If you've got a good memory(or atleast think you do) ignore this step otherwise get out your
    favourite camera and take photos of your dissemble so you can re-trace
    your steps for later once you remove your computers back face. There
    is usually one piece units to remove but some manufacturers are tricky
    and make it a two or three piece job just to be smart.

    4. Ok got the back face off? You should now see a wonderful computer
    motherboard and all the goodies connected to it. There should
    be some heatsinks around the cpu and fan area. Now if your
    computer has dedicated graphics there is probably a heat sink
    covering this too. Check now the fan unit and see if you can
    ever so gently disconnect the fan unit connector and remove the
    fan. Give it a good clean as shown in step 1.

    5. Cleaning the fans internally usually does it otherwise you may be
    faced with a serious dilemma. Your heat sink goo on your cpu,
    chip set or graphics may have had it. You need to go down to
    your favorite computer shop or online and find the highest
    quality thermatic paste (the techo behind the counter should
    know what your talking about here to fix it). Take out the
    heatsinks by usually unscrewing them or they are held together by
    clips. Remember to put all your screws in size order as they are
    easy to loose or misplace. I use flyspray or kerosine to clean the
    heatsinks to remove the heatsink paste. Make sure the crappy
    old paste is removed as the new paste should be much better than
    it. The higher rating of thermal dissapation on the paste the better.

    6. Screw the heatsinks back on and fans and screw the back case back in.
    Get out your cameras photos to re-trace your steps if you need it.

    7. Give you notebook a good burl. It should run fine on a hot day now
    and if it is'nt PM me. Its probably due to your chips have either overheated
    and are permanently damaged or you need to make some 'engineering'
    mods like some thin copper plates to add to your heatsinks so they
    run much cooler

    The END...
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    Default Re: Notebook running to damn hot?

    Another tip if you have a note book running hot.

    Some people might not be aware of this but the cpu cooler fan is software controlled & this means the fan normally runs at lower speed but when the cpu warms up due to heavy use the fan control circuit will activate the fan to a higher speed.
    Now what happens at times when people upgrade or reload software on their lappy's the Cpu software can be corrupted which resides in the Bios, yes that is correct the Bios which causes the cpu fan to run at low speed all the time which could result in cpu overheating.
    What you need to do here is go to your laptop manufacturers site & download the latest bios & install it on your laptop, this will ensure your cpu fan control circuit to operate correctly.

    PS: Upgrading your bios could aid your OS particularly when the OS has latest updates installed.

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    Default Re: Notebook running to damn hot?

    the ideal setup not many have this...Phoenix is usually 'dumbed down'.

    It will depend how the manufacturer has designed the laptop
    BIOS some are super configurable some are practically paralyzed.
    Some not all software manufacturer fix the bios first time around some
    are plain buggy some and are are not joys to use. Get what you pay for here.
    The cheaper laptops will be low featured and are only built to
    last a year or two if your lucky and it does not cook itself on
    a hot summer day as malware can get to bios as its updatable
    by internet. Think of all the dangerous possibilities your introducing
    here...Those side cooling vents on you laptop need to breathe as well.
    Thats a small fan for allot of wattage of heat...

    Funny you mention the BIOS controls the fan unit or units
    if more than one are used. Hopefully the BIOS gives you
    the option to change fan speed to always low speed or
    sometimes as it set to AUTO making fan speed a target for
    a hacker....old BIOS did not have this huge vulnerability.

    If you're clever with basic electronics
    prune a fan connector cable and double adapt it to run a similar power
    fan. Especially external graphics processors on notebooks are usually
    only passively cooled not actively cooled like the CPU. MCH's are poorly
    cooled on most laptops i've opened up.

    Im begging to use my PC for heavy tasks the notebooks not with
    alumium casings even melt the plastic. But I suppose Iphones have
    caught on fire due to some chips running too hot.

    The thermal paste quality for the CPU's is very important and does where
    out in say 1-2 years of heavy use. Depending on your design some
    notebooks slowly overheat and die or as soon as they get to critical
    temps they automatically switch off.

    Some more exotic passive cooling designs you could also fashion from metal
    or 3d printer for those lucky people...
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