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Thread: OBD11 code readers / Scan tool verses flash tuner

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    Default OBD11 code readers / Scan tool verses flash tuner

    Sorry if in the wrong section. Did a search and found an old thread re: connectivity issues but nothing else.

    Redwrite suggested many are going away from OBD to flash tuners.

    Been looking into scan tools since my bro took on trying to rectify an 01 KA with smartlock issues for a pensioner..

    And now I own an AU11 with an airbag light issue resulting it not passing a blue slip, being quoted between $40-75 to run DBD to retrieve the codes to see if the clock spring needs replacing or if it is another issue.

    There how many different readers online. eVilbay has a host.

    An online wholesaler has an ELM327 based Bluetooth unit for around $20. Another forum on diy robotics said they had a Bluetooth unit for around $170. But their site just goes to a motor home rental site. So now I'm none the wiser.

    All help / info is greatly appreciated!!
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    Default Re: OBD11 code readers / Scan tool verses flash tuner

    Basically put, the cheap code readers you find on ebay & at supercheap are OK to read engine fault codes, that's about all they do... I have had some success with them & carry a cheap one around to help diagnose the basics... If you want to be able to scan airbag systems, code keys or do any of the more sophisticated stuff, well then your going to have to pay for it... We have 2 different ones at work, my boss has one called "Launch", cost him around the $5000.00. Seems to be a very good machine but I just don't know how to work it properly & sometimes it still doesn't read airbag faults properly... It also occassionally shows the fault in a weird manner, so then you have to google what the hell its telling you... I own a "Snap-On Solus Ultra" scan tool, $5000.00 worth & so far has been worth every penny... Its awesome what this bit of kit can do & has made my life diagnosing problems, particularly electrical problems a breeze... There are cheaper units available but they can be very limited & in my opinion are good for doing your basics, as I said, we have 2 of them at work & still have problems with the scanners not being able to read the fault. The auto electrical company we send our stuff to when we can't fix it has spent near on $100,000.00 on computers to be able fix/code/tune the new vehicles...

    Hope this helps a little

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    Default Re: OBD11 code readers / Scan tool verses flash tuner

    I suppose the mods could put this in the computing section as it controls the cars ECU
    and its readouts.

    Nice piece of kit though. Pricey though.

    Get a quality bluetooth reciever and the cheepo ones are a dime a dozen
    and have too few features.
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    Default Re: OBD11 code readers / Scan tool verses flash tuner


    only a novice with this car 'puter stuff, but all that I've read suggests that OBD2 starts with BA series..... ?

    Otherwise, another thread in here or maybe at the "other site" suggests a local elcheapo adapter from http://www.totalcardiagnostics.com/elm327/ along with free software from http://forscan.org/download.html coupled with an old laptop will do quite a lot for very little outlay.


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