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Thread: Snake Racing PX Ranger - Econo Lift Kit

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    Default Snake Racing PX Ranger - Econo Lift Kit

    Hey Guys,

    Was looking around at cheap ways to get some lift and came accross the following lift kit for the budget concious. For $465 it seems pretty good. Has anyone had any experience with this lift kit. What are the results like? This looks like the cheapest way to get a 2" lift without having to change springs/ shocks etc and spend $2000 plus....

    Anyone have experience ??




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    Default Re: Snake Racing PX Ranger - Econo Lift Kit

    In my view , that is the sort of thing that kids do to old toyotas ,
    Keep in mind that the CV joints are designed to run at an average mid point in a range of angles .
    raise the ute and that midpoint is moved and you can expect acccelerated wear and no warranty .

    Far bar better to fit the 33 inch tyre .
    You get the added bonus of more / larger contact patch .
    The process is always simple ,
    the Devil is in the Dynamics
    just ask Mr Kelvin...

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