Dear All,

Here in Thailand, Ford ranger owner found out that 3rd and 4th fuel injection starting to rusty. Most of the owner confirm that in 2.2L model 3rd and 4th are rusty. The problem seem to cause by water drain from windshield ever the engine through small gab between the hood and windshield.
Please checkout you Ranger, hope it don't rust yet. But if you start to see it please contact you dealer before it get worse. Let see how ford handle this problem.

Here is my 2.2L engine with 3-4 rusty fuel injector.

We met with chief service manager of Ford Asian on Friday 16 Nov 2012. They said that Ford Asian acknowledge the problem about rust on fuel injector. Ford Thailand and Ford Asian can't give any technical information about it, only technical term they said is fuel injector jacket is forging material and rust is normal for steel. They said it is not actually problem because it just "cosmetic rust" and it wouldn't effect to safety, performance or integrity of the vehicle.

On that day, one of our member, Aj.Tik shown them about the actual reason of leaking water. The black plastic piece between windshield and engine hood has been made in 2 pieces. So, water can leak in through the gap between it. We shown them 2 immediate solution, make it single piece or extend the engine cover.

The process after this is to inform Product development team at Shanghai, German and Australia to find out what it need or does it need to solve this issue. We still need them to proof that it is not effect to life span of the vehicle, in term of science and engineering not just the word.


All New ranger club