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Thread: Beijing Motorshow Honda and Nissan

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    Default Beijing Motorshow Honda and Nissan

    New Nissan Sunny/Pulsar. Whatever, looks like a little Altima

    Infiniti's cool Electric Sports car: this looks really great

    Nissan's throw back Electric Sports car: also looks good in a retro way

    Another oversized pointless Concept from Honda

    And the new NSX. Looks really good but a little more plastic than the R8 and not as good as the Infiniti

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    Default Re: Beijing Motorshow Honda and Nissan

    Couple of crackers there. The NSX is good, as is the "datsun" coupe - 240Z styling elements anyone? As long as the headlights dont see production! Bit cross eyed from front-on.
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    Default Re: Beijing Motorshow Honda and Nissan

    Some great cars there man must have been an awesome show to be at!! wish i was there

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    Default Re: Beijing Motorshow Honda and Nissan

    I like the Nissan EV but find the highlighting on the bonnet a bit much but as it is a concept I could live with it. It does show that designers will have to come to grips with designing interesting fronts that don't having gaping 'mouths' like Audi and Lexus have.

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