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    Quote Originally Posted by Officemanager View Post
    Go see a Doctor and get your blood pressure read before you have a heart attack!!! lol...

    Who cares what people choose and buy.... that is their business not yours or mine.......
    That just means your just ignoring the critiscism- it is our business actually= foreign cars must
    meet certain standards our have their approval for sale- revoked. Its happened before...
    Chinas dodgy trade agreements are the problem. Grey market Euro and Japanese cars are far better.
    Considering tainted milk, poisoned toys with lead and getting flogged by old 60's F-4 Phantoms in
    Chinese cloned Russian Su-27s in a recent DAC. They just cannot make stuff- on their own...
    They are poor copycats and violate copyright to boot- no friend of mine.

    I seen these cars and I would prefer a car with a track record and built to ANCAP standards as well.
    Does anybody remember Lada back in the 1980's....
    That steel should get analysed for what it really is slag??? I always wonder why the US was being
    forced (co-erced) to sell Chinese cars since Sept 2011. People won't go near them im sure.
    Communism does inhibit thinking- thats probably why they have to copy everybody else.
    Save money and death is cheaper too... 2 star ANCAP cars should not be sold. 2/5 is not a pass after all.
    Last edited by ELSpeedo; 03-02-2012 at 06:17 PM. Reason: I have no interest in promoting companies that violate copyright laws our country follows.

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