If you wish to post up a question in these mechanical discussion rooms, please do the following.
1) Do a search. There's thousands of threads so chances are that your question has already been answered. By doing a search, you'll get your answer straight away and it means that the forum isn't cluttered with duplicated questions. To do a search, click on the search button at the top right of the forums or follow this link: http://www.fordaustraliaforums.com/forum/search.php

2) If you start a new thread, put the series designation in the title within brackets. So if your question is about your FG Falcon, the title should be "Question (FG)", so "Fuel economy question (FG)" or "Air intake mods (FG)". If it's about your EL Falcon, do the same so something like "Suspension upgrade (EL)". This is a new thing therefore you won't see this in the current threads (except the ones I've modified)

3) In the end of the day, if you do something wrong, don't worry. Us oldies are happy to help so a moderator will simply modify or move your post if appropriate.

Happy talking.