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Thread: Front Wheel Bearings/Hubs - What brand to get?

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    Default Front Wheel Bearings/Hubs - What brand to get?

    Is there a difference in different brands and sources for front bearings?

    I got a price of $77 each from one place. CBC Bearings quoted $104. Ford's price (for taxis) was $148 inc GST.

    Then there's eBay.

    This listing has them for $49.95 for the pair. Blimey.

    A search of eBay for "BF Falcon bearing" shows various other cheap options.

    Sure, I can go with the belief that the more I pay the better the quality will be, but that also depends on profit margins along the supply chain. A bit like how you can pay $133 for a key blank from Ford, $25 on eBay or $8 from China.

    So, is there a good, valid reason to not buy the cheap eBay ones?

    Is there any particular brand or supply of front bearing hubs that can be confirmed better than others?

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    Default Re: Front Wheel Bearings/Hubs - What brand to get?

    Dealerships always are going to be dearer in price regardless of quality and just because you buy from Ford does not mean it is going to be better than the competition...
    Back in the 70's & 80's I use to buy a lot of Japanese made parts when I use to own Holdens and they were a lot cheaper & superior than the local made parts.
    Give it a go buying cheap... you never know until you try it.

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    Default Re: Front Wheel Bearings/Hubs - What brand to get?

    I bought the $65 a pair from ebay as the $49 ones wern't listed then. They look all right and fit my new disks but have not fitted them yet. At $49 free delivery, the choice is yours!

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    Default Re: Front Wheel Bearings/Hubs - What brand to get?

    G'day the age old question of "does money buy you quality?????" and i would have to say for bearings YES it does. I work in the ag repair business and we stock a fair range of bearings and our supplier knows we want quality, however we have people in all the time and say " I can get your $50 brg for $30 " and we tell them to go ahead, when some of the jobs we do can take 10 - 12 hrs to get into and replace a brg I don't want to go in there in 6 months time and do it again 'cause they saved $20 when you know the better qual brg will last alot longer. Go into any decent bearing shop and tell them you want quality bearings and they should still be cheaper than genuine and are prob made by the same company. Another thing is to use a good qual grease.


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    Default Re: Front Wheel Bearings/Hubs - What brand to get?

    i have never used genuine bearings.. always aftermarket and they have always been good... theres alot of good aftermarket bearing and they are all good in my opinion..... paying more doesnt mean you are getting better product, it just means to the dealerships they have a huge mark up on their parts.. and any person who works in a ford service dept can confirm this... as the service dept puchases from the parts dept and they too get shafted and pass that cost on to you when your car is in their hands. CBC and TKM and both good brands.
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    Default Re: Front Wheel Bearings/Hubs - What brand to get?

    i brought tem $50 hubs for my BA about a year ago. replaced one side and was going to replace the other side but one of the bolts was stuck on so it prevented me from doing it.
    after about 1 month the hub crapped itself and i wasnt too happy but i had the second one in the shed. i stuck the second one on and it had been fine ever since... so i gotta says it is hit and miss with these cheap ones.
    but over all i will buy them again when a hub dies

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