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Thread: 2003 BA Fairmont GHIA 6 cyl ECU Problems

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    Default 2003 BA Fairmont GHIA 6 cyl ECU Problems

    I have a 2003 BA Faimont Ghia with 150k on clock. It is standard except for pedders sports rider , adjustable camber caster kit and good aftermarket brakes. I live in Blue Mountains NSW and commute to Penrith daily ..100k round trip....it is a nice car to drive ,,gets 9.5 ltrs per 100k. I always run on shell premium

    Lately economy has dropped to 11 ltrs per 100k and now it does not start when cold...cranks over but no fire. Starts and runs fine in arvo...no fuel being delivered... had me stumped until I read a clue in Forums...tried to start it in morning ..no luck...grabed heat gun and pointed it at ECU for about 60 secs and then tried starting again..bingo ..instant burst into life. Once running it it is faultless..except for higher fuel consumption.

    Ford want $700-1500 plus fitting for new. My local mechanic has sourced a mobile guy who will swap mine with a reconditioned but has not given me a price yet.
    Current ECU has the following info on it 3R23-12A650-AH..32AH ABU-212 EEOFA 3B182.

    I have emailed performance mobs for fitted option prices on aftermarket alternatives. The Ford Forums are recommending a EMS 8860/ Stinger ....but that may be an over kill for my needs!
    My thoughts are I may get better performance and better fuel economy with an aftermarket for around the same price as a standard Ford one..or will it not be capable of running my car's GHIA accessory options...I don't know how much of the car is controlled by ECU....

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree....is there a reset that can be done ..am I chasing a fault that is just a glitch?

    Any advise would be much appreciated.....


    Can anyone you please advise me with my options!



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    Default Re: 2003 BA Fairmont GHIA 6 cyl ECU Problems

    id say go the reco ecu... or get yours reco'd... probably a solder point that has failed.
    Isn't it good when everything just works!!

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