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Thread: No F-22 for Australia

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    Default Re: No F-22 for Australia

    Quote Originally Posted by chinamonty View Post
    I thought the major problem at the moment was the engine which I assume is hardly Lockheeds and more Pratt and Whitney's. You do remember that the RAN had A4 Skywaks as our carrier based aircraft and they were single engine as was/is the Harrier for that matter!
    Go deeper, much deeper- remember the fighter mafia scathing attack on the F-22
    and now the so called 'cheaper f-35' is not even a working prototype. I remember
    the days when planes were ridden into the ground phototype wise well before
    they reached the airshows. They are like car shows for the jet fraternity so
    you have to bring your A game or get lost. Remember the F-16 materialised
    from the F-15 when NATO told us while it was a awesome aircraft their
    defense budgets could not afford it and something smaller and more practical
    was needed. JSF has been the textbook version of the opposite.

    Remember the JSF programme started back in 1996 and ATF which became F-22 started
    back in 1991. I cannot comment further on the internet on technical limitations of such
    as im sure enough engineers with security clearances to pilots in the officers club
    are well aware of the limitations. What I was saying is when you look at the plunge
    in Lockheeds share price that is enough to know that others 'know'. Its sometimes
    good to keep people out of the loop while very important discussion take place.
    Like I said my department has no room for Snowden types they can go work
    for the FSB.

    Tell me if your a fighter pilot flying over the boring Atlantic and your single engine
    cuts out- now you know why I choose and recommend... Im sure the Canadians
    and British understand the Australians and Americans can sometimes be
    slow learners...Canada remembers the Starfighter Saga as much as Germany
    does so Lockheed is on thin ice. There is also a lawsuit being made and
    consdering how much taxpayers money Lockheed has wasted with
    little 'real world' results its time for the hand of fate to point at thee.
    Many more defense contractors which much better cost ratio/performance
    are the ones to be noticed as people are now beginning to ignore
    what Lockheed says not deliberately but due to their actions.

    The Skyhawk is a overated POS. Just because it flew against
    a slow turning F-14 does not mean it would survive less than
    3 seconds in a knife fight at 65,000ft with a F-15 let alone
    a F-16 at lower altitudes. John McCain flew one and Vietnamese
    flak made quick work of it. The Harrier was British engineered
    like the Brilliant TSR-2 and I think you are getting confused
    with different countries/manufactures design methodologies
    and making wrong analogies. Lockheed is poorly run and
    it shows to everyone except their PR department. Many plane
    makers have gone broke over the years trust me. Im told Lockheed
    has been having some 'internal' issues with poor morale and
    also bad management so the environment is caustic. You
    cannot expect much from them apart from taking money
    from you and not much else. Australian aircraft carriers
    unlike the British ones could ot fit much from them
    as they were WWII leftover...

    The RAAF lost many more Mirage pilots as they were single
    engine compared to the F-18. Many pilots im sure are very
    nervous about JSF in a real hostile A-A environment. Thats
    why the Rafale is twin engined...its a safety feature- 2 cans
    are better than 1 especially if bullets are flying around.

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    Default Re: No F-22 for Australia

    Quote Originally Posted by chinamonty View Post
    I thought the major problem at the moment was the engine which I assume is hardly Lockheeds and more Pratt and Whitney's. You do remember that the RAN had A4 Skywaks as our carrier based aircraft and they were single engine as was/is the Harrier for that matter!
    Im not talking to your Chinamonty you have not read my explanation.
    Look up 'suvivability' on aircraft and why two engines are better
    than 1. Google it up. Im sure Canadian pilots don't want a
    flameout and freeze to death in the Artic either.The stonewalling
    is there because Lockheed has allot of explaining to do.

    Like I said technical issues on engines I will not comment on.
    Don't be silly Chinamonty- I was one of the people who pulled
    the plug on F-22 and JSF is being canned because of
    a huge cost blowout...and little to show for it. A tillion dollar
    jet should be twice as frightening as a squadron of F-15s
    and alas F-15 pilots are not worried by silly slow un-aerodynamic
    partially stealth, slow un-maneaverable jet thats easy pickings
    for Russian SAMS. Remember what happened to a F-117a
    over Bosnia in 1999. Stealth as some pilots know is
    not the be all and end all. The F-117a was quickly phased
    out of that funnily enough...

    That is my last answer and If you don't read what im saying
    maybe that why all you do is polish aircraft windshields and
    trusted with not much else.

    Air Force Lieutenant General Christopher Bogdan, the Pentagon's F-35 program chief, told reporters earlier this week the program would review and revamp current communications procedures about accidents and other safety concerns.

    Sack him. His making more excuses than the previous General did- who at least had
    a better aircraft to begin with. His predecessor should be re-instated and the tender
    should be re-opened. He has brought global humiliation on American manufacturing
    and no General can survive that. Ford Mustang is a F-35 GTFO. The Mustang
    was the highest killing plane in the European Theatre not a piece of **** that
    cannot even cross the Atalantic. The American taxpayer is not paying
    for Generals or Managing directors retirement funds- national security overweights
    them and this embarrassment will have- consequences. The only thing the
    F-35 has done is to ruin careers and make people join other aircraft
    companies out of disgust. Maybe Northrop/Boeing should get the contact
    for less money and on time. The YF-23 was the better plane anyway.

    Retired USAF Chief of Staff Michael Moseley - who was asked to step down in 2008 due to disagreements with senior US defence officials over ending the F-22 Raptor production line - said he still believes that ending F-22 production was a catastrophic mistake that has crippled the US and allies' deterrence posture.

    "That will prove to be one of the most strategically dislocating decisions made over the last 20 to 25 years," Gen Moseley said during his first public event in the Washington DC area since he left office amid clashes with the former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates over F-22 production, the security of the US nuclear arsenal, and the role of unmanned aircraft in the USAF force structure.
    The US Department of Defense announced the decision to end F-22 production at 187 aircraft after Gen Moseley left office, in April 2009.
    Gen Moseley and former USAF Secretary Michael Wynne - who was also asked to resign - had argued that a total of 381 fighters were needed to maintain 'air dominance' over hostile territory.

    Speaking on 5 December, Gen Moseley said he had no regrets about his vocal advocacy, and, if anything, said he wished he had fought harder.
    "I would tell you that, knowing what I know now, I would have been more aggressive in protecting that airplane and the building blocks of fifth generation systems in the future," he said.

    Gen Moseley said he still believes more F-22 fighters are needed to ensure the US can maintain a deterrent posture. He also said that certain US partner countries, including Australia, Israel, Japan, and the UK should be able to buy the F-22 through foreign military sales (FMS).

    Yes they know what I know to. Sometimes Cinderella loses to the ugly sisters...

    Ghost rider this is tower- The difference between real pilots and computer and movie pilots
    is they know their limits and only push them when absolutely necesary. Show offs in
    real life usually 'buy the farm' or get demoted or not fly at all.

    Yes as the person in the video said if you try this showing off to civilians- expect your ear to be chewed off by your NCO
    and you will never fly again- its not ****ing top gun- thats just the movie. Your not allowed to buzz the
    tower in real life. The safety with civillians is a must and he was so close to screwing up it
    was not funny.

    Its not a fighter plane and he killed the rest of his crew along with him- dangerous egos+lack of discipline kills- message of the week.
    (mentally disturbed post replies are always of interest to me- next time I will laugh at your misfortune and track their IPs...)

    A flying piece of **** as far back as 2007. Let the Chinese keep the plans and we will gladly scrap the plane and tear it all asunder.
    The money is better used on more cost effective programs and Lockheed should be put into receivership. The money trail is
    interesting to say the least. After all America invented the internet- others just freeload off it.

    A cyber espionage operation by China seven years ago produced sensitive technology and aircraft secrets that were incorporated into the latest version of China’s new J-20 stealth fighter jet, according to U.S. officials and private defense analysts.

    The Chinese cyber spying against the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II took place in 2007 under what U.S. intelligence agencies codenamed Operation Byzantine Hades, a large-scale, multi-year cyber program that targeted governments and industry.

    Australia is crawling with Chinese PLA agents who may be communicating with the Russians to counteract 5 eyes...
    Even the Singaporeans know this. Why build your own fighter plane when you can steal of us. The Lavi
    jet and the J-10 also asked questions that does not help the Isrealis either...since Hamas uses
    allot of Chinese hardware...

    On hold till further notice- the sound of freedom...a return to Bitburg??? who knows.

    LRS-B contact is go- let hope 'absolute secrecy' is maintained. The B-2 was a success that ended in near failure- due to espionage.
    Espionage costs taxpayers billions in lost product and national security. Lets hope the public realise that Snowdens krud
    costs you money and sacrifices your security at the expense of Putins desires...

    Why is T-X a trained it would easily out-manaver the slow kruddy un-aerodynamic jsf- another engine fire is on the cards
    im sure and we all know the poor survivability of JSF due to a cannon shell in the wrong place. It should be up
    and flying well before JSF even reached IOC.

    The JAS 39F is fractionally larger and more powerful than the T-50, but also is more modern, with a wide-screen cockpit like that of the F-35 and a fully integrated helmet-mounted display. It is expected to cost less to acquire than the previous C/D variant and has been designed for easy maintenance and low operating costs. Swiss air force leaders say that its cost per flight hour is expected to be half that of the Typhoon and Rafale, its competitor for the Swiss order.

    The RAAF should have a 'contingency plan' incase Lockheeds lies catch up with them. Even the USAF
    is untrustworthy of poor performance and meeting criteria/cost advantages dwindle by the day. It being
    STOL on a big highway when JSF is stuck on a bombed out runway...It reminds me of the Starfighter
    saga how the USAF bought them- were fed up with them and dumped them to poor NATO. Im sure
    Col. Boyd has cursed the JSF anyway due to not adhering to his design principles.

    The prettier it looks the faster it goes remains true for fighter jets,

    Hungarian pilots win more aerobatics awards than most. The little Gripen is like the old Mirage minus the vices...and every pilot has ejected too.
    (it flamed out deliberately- or was that a bird strike? showing how good the bird is the JSF flames out at low altitude its ejection time and lots of fun at low speed as well due to canards. The JSF would not stand a chance.). For those who remember the F-16XL design...well...The advantage
    the Gripen has over the huge su-35 is its small+hard to see and im sure it could outurn it close a Su-35 would have to turn and burn...it sensors
    are well beyond Russian stuff which they only steal via espionage as Russians generally find it hard it innovate rather imitate.

    The Brewster Buffalo(aka JSF) was murder for RAAF pilots against the more nimble Zeros atleast the P-40 was tough/good roll rate
    and could dive and the highest scoring RAAF ace Caldwell flew a P-40...

    Owing to heavy design compromises foisted on the plane mostly by the Marine Corps, the F-35 is an inferior combatant, seriously outclassed by even older Russian and Chinese jets that can fly faster and farther and maneuver better. In a fast-moving aerial battle, the JSF “is a dog … overweight and underpowered,” according to Winslow Wheeler, director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Project on Government Oversight in Washington, D.C.

    I remember when the Air Force was subordinate to the Army- their BS meter is on overdrive.
    I liked the previous General better as I don't give myself self commendation as it rather
    dangerous and unfitting of rank...Space Force/Cyber Command/MAC are the top performers...
    though ACC needs drastic reform in light of the Ukraine...Patton like Boyd may not have
    been liked but unlike the current General they atleast got results- in the 'real world'.

    General Patton (aka- old blood and guts) reminds his air force and chair force friends of their obligations to duty, honour and virtue.

    Maybe reforming with the Army would teach the Airforce how to better manage its dollars and nickels..boots on the ground win
    wars still as 'by bombing alone' is nuclear warfare which I think not even the Russians are honestly not crazy enough to do-= MAD
    Hiroshima & Nagasaki showed the power of superweapons though espionage 'the Rosenbergs' ruined any advantage we had anyway-
    like the B-2 and F-35 spying cases it a sad indictment on their establishment. The good leaders- the silent Boyd
    types are being ignored still with brash posers with little bluster in combat arenas current and future...make
    some wonder if they have lost their way completely. The painful lessons of putting all your eggs in one basket
    seems to be forgetting the tragic loss of aircrew from the Vietnam War...compared to our 10-1 ratio in Korea
    and peaking during the first Gulf War in 1991 were we were last in big dogfights...Kosovo in 1999 was a painful
    reminder stealth was not invincible and still required Wild Weasel and Top cover to help survivability in
    a highly organised well operated SAM infested airspace with the occasional MiG. When you consider
    the F-117A had better all round stealth than the frontal stealth only F-35 it does not make good reading.

    Hi honey im home! How was work you would hope for 'nothing interesting' just another boring uneventful day would be nice for everybody concerned.
    They are the 'final judgement' in any war and lets hope neither side gets tempted to use them only in 'strategic chess' only. Im sure they know
    what im talking about. A awe inspiring and terrifying foreboding responsibility and considering its 5 minutes to midnight ones thats very much ignored.
    You are psyc tested more than 99.99*% like you would not believe and your balanced measured judgement in heated scenarios is also required,

    I hope my Russian Missiler friends are not as trigger happy as some of their television hosts are mentally disturbed....nobody wins except the cockroaches.
    Anybody who wishes for this or hopes for this or thinks this is inevitable also has 'serious issues' some missilers would like to point out. Its people
    like these who tick these boxes are the ones we should be both concerned over as Im sure you hope our folks have very level balanced judgement as well....
    We've been here before and im sure both of us can keep level heads despite the civillians acting in ways we would both think are not 'wise'. Id prefer
    a friendly phone call(vise versa im sure) than dead silence either way going past DEFCON 2. I pray for your families as well as ours every night.
    Something a nihilist or a Armageddon preacher would not understand and both of whom were afraid of.

    Fighter pilots may make movies and a few know what bomber pilots are known for
    Considering Russian nuclear bombers are on the prowl again- the need for deterrence is vital- B1/B2/B52 need vital ECM upgrades
    and survivability in very hostile airspace. It should be a matter for military chiefs to decide what is vital not Congress as much
    except those with little a understanding of the 'strategic balance' and technology most may not be aware of. Like the A-10 the
    team consists of many players but all work as one. If Congress was reminded the ease Russian military chiefs had
    with defense procurement im sure their worries would translate in opening up the chequebook and also creating
    a few new local jobs as well and keeping many afloat. Who knows it might even kickstart the economy again.
    Even Jimmy Carter realised this mistake that being nice is no substitute for deterrence...

    As the war approaches- as the Chinese song says. Yes China's future first lady is singing this. Our leaders are either duped, naive
    or in on it. Our defense contractors no longer follow Colonel Boyds simple principles while the Air Force goes to ruin.

    According to the Rand war scenario developed for the Pentagon, the most expensive military weapon in the history of mankind is a complete and utter failure. The futuristic warplane is supposed to replace all other jet fighters in the US arsenal at a cost of $1 trillion and climbing. As one critic published a few weeks ago, that’s enough money to buy a $100,000 home for every homeless family in America for the next six generations.

    The F-35 didn’t fail because of its recurring engine fires or the problems it’s still having with vertical landings and take-offs. It failed because it was designed to do too many things. It is now designed to be a fighter, reconnaissance, interceptor, stealth, bomber, Navy carrier landing, etc. One military analyst claims that it like asking one player to play every position on the football team; punter, QB, nose tackle, wide receiver, etc. By trying to do everything, it does nothing well…but at an enormous cost.

    China, on the other hand, makes much cheaper but highly specialized air craft. Using this method they are able to get much higher quality and much higher quantity aircraft. To make matters worse, the military has put all of its eggs in this one F-35 basket. There is no plan B.

    How did it come to this? Corruption and cronyism. It is about bringing pork back to the district. It is about giving kickbacks to political donors. It is about connections, influence and political gain. It is about Lockheed Martin getting paid. The irrelevant fact is that the most expensive aircraft program in US history can barely fly. I have seen this crime against the American people taking shape over the last few years. The Chinese military, which is much more keenly aware of military tactics than I, can spot this at a great distance. The USA, just like the Roman Empire before it, ignorantly puts all its faith and trust in the silver bullet of technology and military prowess, while corruption and cronyism has rotted out everything but the shell.

    Edited and translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

    According to news report from Taiwan, Peter Kwan, founder of an Australian independent defense think tank, said that the Australian Air Force had set too high expectation about the stealth performance of the F-35 stealth fighter and the combat capability of the fighter has also been exaggerated.
    He stressed that the F-35 stealth fighter are vulnerable to advanced radar system. After China and Russia acquire brand-new radars, they could easily detect the jet fighter.

    The F-35 stealth fighter, developed by the Lockheed Martin, is taken by many countries as the lead fighter. Australia plans to replace its ageing strike jets with up to 100 American F-35 stealth fighters. However, in recent years there has been speculation that ongoing advances in radar detection and tracking will, in the near future, obviate the ability of all-aspect, low-observable aircraft such as the F-35 stealth fighter.

    Who wins most out of the F-35 program- fat contractors benefits and Chinese hackers playing them for fools.
    Our government still tells us the F-35 is so high tech when its already obsolete and the enemy may already
    have the tools to shoot them down easily. There is major corruption involved here and I hope the FBI
    is hard on the case like when they broke the B-2 Chinese spy case as well- leading to a new bomber
    project LRS-B as the compromise was discovered.

    A Chinese hacker allegedly broke into the network of world’s largest aerospace company and other defense contractors to steal sensitive information on the United States’ F-22 and F-35 fighter jets, as well as Boeing’s C-17 cargo plane.

    The FBI believes that Su Bin, formerly of the Chinese aviation firm Lode Technologies, and two Chinese-based co-conspirators accessed a gold mine of information from Boeing and other contractors in Europe. The plan was to gather enough information so that the communist nation might “stand easily on the giant’s shoulders,” The Register reported Monday.

    Yet another reason to scrap the F-35 send counter-intelligence into Lockheed to weed out spies
    and ask then to develop a whole new plane from scatch. Thowing in jail whoever is necessary
    for such money wastage/corruption is next. The Chinese look to have the better plane with two engines
    and it seems with much longer range. Reminds me how the Japanese Zero was good
    as it had unofficial American help or 'inspiration thanks to the Chinese hacking
    and industrial intelligence corps of theirs.

    Aviation historians have posited that the H-1 Racer may have inspired later radial engine fighters such as the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt and the Focke-Wulf Fw 190.[8] After the war, Hughes further claimed that "it was quite apparent to everyone that the Japanese Zero fighter had been copied from the Hughes H-1 Racer." He noted both the wing shape, the tail design and the general similarity of the Zero and his racer.[9][N 2] Jiro Horikoshi, designer of the Mitsubishi Zero strongly denied the allegation of the Hughes H-1 influencing the design of the Japanese fighter aircraft

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    Default Re: No F-22 for Australia

    The F-35 is a jinxed aeroplane- it will never fly. Delay after delay.
    The P-51 Mustang flew in 102 odd days from 'scratch'. This plane
    must be getting now close to cancellation and scrapping and some
    serious questions should be asked from Lockheeds managment
    why its taken so long when none are near combat readiness
    levels at such a high level of global instability. It has gobbled
    up billions of dollars with little to show for it and I think
    some individuals are acting in ways that could be considered
    evasive to near criminal. Even those not familar with the
    program would consider JSF started in 1996 yet has little
    to show for it and that might ask some painful questions.

    The like RAF the RAAF should consider scrapping the order and cancelling
    everything and asking Lockheed to come back one day
    when it has a flyable jet from the get go instead of simulators
    and a ground only phototype. This plane is a embarrassment
    and only continues to be. We need more F-15 and F-16
    newer 4.5 generations in the skies and a Generation 6 jet
    as Generation 5 has been a disaster. The F-22 was a jet
    still with issues after it 1997 Phototype stage and the F-35
    is'nt even ready for any real testing as its parts are still
    a disappointment. Judging by this and 'cascading failures'
    Lockheeds share price must be in serious doubt and
    a management cull may be necessary.

    Delivery of engines was halted in May after an in-house inspection and testing process “raised questions about the origin” of the titanium, spokesman Matthew Bates said in an e-mailed statement. The company replaced all the suspect engine parts in its inventory for failing to meet specifications, but determined that the metal in 147 F-35 engines already delivered didn’t pose a flight-safety risk, he said.

    Pratt & Whitney, the sole provider of engines for the F-35, has faced criticism from Pentagon officials for failing to reduce prices quickly enough and for lapses in quality. The engine accounts for $68.4 billion of the $398.6 billion projected cost of the F-35 being built by Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT)

    After the company’s internal review raised doubts about the titanium’s origin, Pratt & Whitney “immediately reported its concern” to the Justice Department, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Bates said. The suspension affected 10 engines that probably would have been delivered by now and four more that are not yet under contract. The titanium is also used on some parts of commercial engines made by Pratt & Whitney Canada.

    Commercial engines are not 'military' grade they cannot take the tolerances and extreme brutality
    thrown by pilots in combat or even training situations and judging by this and other mistakes
    this plane is a mistake and I don't envy anybody who flies it apart from the Lockheed salesman.
    Gripen-NG and Silent Eagle/Advanced Eagle- SuperHornet Plus may suddenly become more attractive...

    Unlike the slow underpowered F-35 the STOL Gripen can take off almost anywhere...


    While Lockheed was failing/sleeping whatever- Russia is upgrading its existing Mig29/Su-27/35 fleet and some new T-50 which
    still has reliability issues. They know that new designs need ironing out first before combat deployment....unlike some...
    Russia's original Su-27 design was torn up and redesigned..maybe thats a hint for F-35...
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