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Thread: LIST - Other Cars that share cortina stud pattern

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    Post LIST - Other Cars that share cortina stud pattern

    As applies to TE/TF, the wheels are specified as needing to be PCD 4 x 108, 38mm positive offset.

    From research, other cars that have same stud patterns, similar offset:

    Audi 80, 90, 100: Offset 35 - 42mm, bore 57mm
    Fiesta, Ka, Puma, Escort, Orion, Focus, Sierra, Mondeo, Scorpio (1994 onwards): offset 35 - 38mm, bore 63.3mm
    Mazda 121 (96 onwards): offset 30 - 35mm, bore 63.3mm
    900 (from 1988 to 92), 9000: offset 30mm. bore 65mm
    TVR Cerbera: offset 35-38mm, bore 63.3mm
    Volvo 850 ( to 1993): offset 35 - 38mm, bore 65mm

    Citroen Saxo (some models): offset 12 - 18mm, bore 65mm
    Citroen BX, ZX, Xantia, Xsara, Saxo: offset 15 - 22mm, bore 65mm

    - above info from http://www.saltermob.com/wheel_fitments.html

    Another list, no offsets provided though (includes some of the aformentioned):

    Alfa Romeo Giulia
    Audi 80
    Audi 90
    Audi 100
    Citroen ZX
    Citroen Xsara
    Citroen Xantia
    Citroen BX
    Citroen Saxo
    Citroen Saxo (some models)
    Ford Fiesta
    Ford Mondeo
    Ford Sierra
    Ford Focus
    Ford Orion
    Ford Escort
    Ford Anglia 105E
    Ford Ka
    Ford Scorpio 1994
    Ford Classic
    Ford Corsair
    Ford Cortina
    Ford Capri
    Ford Puma
    Hillman Avenger-Hunter
    Hillman Minx
    Lotus Super 7
    Lotus Cortina
    Mazda 121 1996
    Peugeot 406
    Peugeot 205
    Peugeot 306
    Peugeot 405
    Peugeot 206
    Peugeot 307
    Peugeot 106 (4-stud)
    Peugeot 309
    Porsche 924 (4-stud)
    Saab 900 1988 1992
    Saab 9000
    Sunbeam 1000
    Sunbeam 1300
    Sunbeam Alpine
    Sunbeam Tiger
    Sunbeam Rapier
    TVR Cerbera
    Volvo 850 1993

    - all taken from http://www.retro-rides.com/wheels.as...CD=4&submit=go

    I thought it was about time someone posted this stuff up. If it's good enough, make it a sticky Of course, if anybody knows bore and offset for the other wheels to flesh out this list, please feel free to add to it.

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    Default Re: LIST - Other Cars that share cortina stud pattern

    Regarding Festiva rims, I put on a set of brand new Festiva steelies, 15 x 6 inch, with 195/65R15 tyres onto TD Corty. They don't scrub at rear end at all, just a touch on the front guards in full lock but it could be due to the mud flap. With it off I think it'll clear fine. It looked like the offset isn't the same as they sit further in, giving more clearance on the guards but awfully close to the bump stop on top of the suspension post inside the wheel.
    Short story, if you find Focus or Festiva steel wheels [in the 4 stud as they've now gone to 5] they do fit on the TD Cortina, and don't look to bad either...

    These rims, brand new ones from a Ford dealer, with 3 new Goodyear tyres only set me back $200. If you're after some 15s, check the dealers, you never know your luck.
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