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Thread: Welcome! to the political gambit...

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    Default Welcome! to the political gambit...

    Hello this is ElSpeedo.

    Welcome to the political chat room. Here you can discuss a variety of
    issues in politics (from magazines, newspapers, TV , internet, word of mouth etc)
    that interest you or others. We accept a variety of viewpoints and are
    generally easygoing in the subjects we discuss here. There are a few rules
    but I must mention and some rules are plain obvious and some we may work
    out over time. If you have any queries about a subject or topic and are unsure
    don't be afraid to PM me- I don't bite!

    Due to the setup of internet forums, it is impossible to pick up sarcasm and humour so to make your mood obvious, make sure you use smilies. The last thing you want to do is to offend someone without even meaning it.

    If you reply to a post with a one-liner or proceed with a insult without due grounds don't think your not being watched. Give a 'intelligent' reply after all if we all were to meet somewhere in real life and talk about things- you would not do the same now would you? You have a right to disagree and no bones are made of that but act as if you were talking in real life to a person- not with the shield the internet can provide.

    some rules-

    1. Make your opinion known- by all means, that what politics is all about
    but please don't put down others and no grandstanding of your

    2. If you also have a 'agenda' mention it. I don't like people using Trojan
    horses to hide sinister purposes. Banning or a severe warning may result.

    3. The following political doctrines here are not welcome as a soapbox
    topic- except in historical reference. Anybody expressing fondness
    in these ideals should visit the countries they have devastated
    or left in ruin.

    (IMO communism/fascism and its associates ideologies both have contaminated the human race
    each as a antithesis of each other- must both be removed for humanity to live in peace)

    Far Right:-
    I. National Socialism- NASDAP- OdeSSa-Nazism- Neo Fascism. Agendas from
    the league of rights,Adelaide institute, stormfront, arayan nation,
    KKK, skinheads are not welcome. You may discuss it in passing phrase
    and with historical reference- sure but no posting of websites to 'further'
    ones point. Remember we all bleed one drop of blood and that's red.

    Far Left:-
    II. Communism- Anarchism- historical references are ok but I need no
    grandstanding of agendas on these warped, mindless idealism
    which is only used as tool for dictators and violent

    III. Religious/ Ideological Fundamentalism


    4. Alternate Viewpoints- yes there are many of them. Conspiracy theories,
    drug laws, gun policies, 'hypotheticals', human behaviour, criminology- sociology,
    theology-church-state, personal reflection on life, alternate history
    and some controversial viewpoints are welcome. When it spills over
    the edge and ego's are burnt and keyboard warrior fights ensue
    the close post button is not far away either.

    5. A student of politics also knows that history and philosophy
    are intertwined with doctrines of political thought. As long
    as it involves a issue pertaining to you or others. Go for it
    but be mindful of your own opinions at the same time.
    Politics is everywhere from what car Ford builds and why
    to who does the dishes after dinner, you'd be surprised
    how much politics is in day to day life.

    6.Keeping the discussion sensible and cordial is imperitive if we don't want
    a war zone- instead of reflective and interesting discussion to
    benefit all. That was my aim. If we understand each other and
    respect our opinions no matter how diverse- maybe we'll see
    where not so different after all. Just remember your post
    will be read by many so remember that when you post- be mindful
    of your ideas/opinions and how it may affect others.

    7. Those who wish to turn these forums into barrages of political
    agenda/s and intimidatory warfare on other forumers
    will be met with extreme prejudice.

    8. Conduct yourself with a level of intelligence and decorum. Webbots are not allowed to participate as a result. A warning also for spammers any items involved in criminal activities or selling of stolen goods would be reported to authorities including email addresses you advertise and taken to fullest extent of the law...

    9. We study or provide commentary to serious political subjects from here and overseas. If you don't like what we post comment and give a alternate point of view and it will be posted. ANYBODY USING OFFENSIVE HACKING CAPABILITIES IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM WILL BE PUT FORWARD TO HIGHER UPs. Enough said. Your IPs will be posted as well as the attack vectors you were using- or trying to use. No more warnings we have put up with it for long enough- more than 3 years actually. Some may know that politics and the use of cyber capabilities to shut down dissent or conversation in a democratic country without reason is done for malfeasance..

    Thank You for reading this. This post does change due to the dynamics
    of politics so stay tuned as always. Enjoy the discussion...! BTW you DON'T
    have to always nod and agree here you can agree to disagree thats fine actually-

    Im sure Perun and myself (Slavic & Hungarian) know of these guys- message of the week.Disciplined gentleman to some- brutal monsters to others.
    Maybe the Mexicans come next the drug trade up north keeps them busy. Supposedly the most brutal yet wise mafia in the world- message of the week-
    (be careful where you spend your money as you make some more powerful- than they should)

    Last edited by ELSpeedo; 29-08-2014 at 09:00 PM. Reason: if economists were as diligent as my spelling there would be no financial crisis.

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    Default Re: Welcome! Read here before posting!

    you spelt Adelaide wrong lol.
    Anybody over the age of 30 who still uses the bus should consider themselves a failure in life.
    -Margaret Thatcher

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    Default Re: Welcome! Read here before posting!

    thank you from a former Syndeyslider.
    problem solved.

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