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Thread: How to join the Political Discussion Group (PDG)?

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    Default How to join the Political Discussion Group (PDG)?

    Who can join the PDG? Absolutely anyone who is a member of the FordAustraliaForums.com and interested in political issues and social justice. You are not welcome if your only motivation to post is to stir trouble and silly one line replies will be removed. If you are unsure about anything I've said here, please contact myself or ELSpeedo.
    Before you post in this room, we ask that you view this post for further information on our code of conduct.
    It's not mandatory but we do ask that you join the PDG and have that as aprt of your user profile. It only takes a matter of minutes and it just means that we know you're serious about joining in on the discussion and we can send out e-mails when major threads of interest appear.
    Also, as an added bonus of being a member of any FAF member group, you will recieve:
    • Upgraded PM inbox that will now hold 100% more messages.
    • Can use an animated avatar
    • Allowed to have a larger avatar
    To join officially, please send a private message to myself or ELSpeedo.
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    Have an opinion? Have your say by registering and joining the discussion.


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