Hello and welcome to the new redesigned FordAustraliaForums.com Car Market. To make it easier to use, we’ve decided to break the single room up into three separate rooms.
Sell/Swap/Trade - Cars: This room is a place where you can advertise cars that are for sales.
Parts and Accessories : This room is where you may place ads for automotive parts and accessories.
Wanted : This room is a place where people who are looking for things to advertise that fact.

I’ve roughly gone through and sorted the other threads in this room but I may have made a few mistakes so I appologise for that and feel free to let me know about it. Because of this, when you do a search, make sure you search all of the forums incase I’ve put the wrong thread in the wrong room.

Read Here before posting

To assist everyone in finding an appropriate ad, we ask that you made titles of your threads in the following was.
Include in your title.
1. Whether or not the product is for sale (if so put FS or wanted to buy (if so put WTB
2. The type of model and year(ie. 96 EF, KH…etc)
3. The model (ie. Falcon, Laser…etc)
4. The model variant if appropriate (ie. Fairmont, Ghia…etc)
4. The product
So for example if I want to sell an 1995 EF Falcon GLI
FS: 95 EF Falcon Gli - whole
Another example would be if you want to buy a door for and EL Falcon:
WTB: 94-98 EF/EL Falcon door.

Include in your post:
1. As much information as you want, the more the better within reason.
2. Pictures/photos if possible.
3. The price and if that's negotiable.
4. Your contact e-mail (not a phone number, remember anyone can view the forum)
5. You city/location

The administration team will not accept responsibility for any of the advertisements placed in this room.
You view and place ads at your own risk.

No advertisements of stolen goods to be placed in this room, threads will be moved to a private room pending an investigation and possible contact of police.
Only cars and automotive related good can be advertised in this room. Ads for other goods will be moved without notice.

All other forum rules apply in this room.