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  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: PX Ranger Handy Hints

    One of our Forum Members has suggest that we need a Handy Hints Thread (Thanks "Rangerous"!) and I think its a great idea. If you have any more, please feel free to add them to this thread. However, if you post problems and complaints I'll be removing them. I'll start the ball rolling by...

    Started by Aquahead2001‎, 01-11-2012 01:30 PM
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  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: We want your ideas.

    We’re looking at expanding and rejuvenating these rooms so my question is open to all, what are your ideas? If you have any ideas to help boost discussion and the community feel of the place, then please reply to this thread. Regards, PaulST

    Started by PaulST‎, 16-03-2009 12:40 AM
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  3. Sticky Thread Sticky: Introducing the Ranger, F-Series and Courier Team!

    Welcome to the Ranger, F-Series and Courier rooms! This is designed to be a place dedicated to the Ford Ranger, F-Series and Courier range. The team running these rooms include all of the admin and mod team as well as four dedicated Ranger, F-Series and Courier Moderators who are as follows:...

    Started by PaulST‎, 14-03-2009 10:08 PM
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    1. MIXRIG - 2012 PX Ford Ranger

      Hi all, Just a couple of pics to start with before I start messing with my stock as a rock Ranger. He is pretty and looks nice as is, but I'm never content with a stock fourby. Currently the only addition to the truck has been genuine Ford wind deflectors which were fitted instead of a 'free'...

      Started by MLU‎, 08-02-2014 08:13 PM
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    2. Ranger Issues - Disputes Tribunal

      Hi Guys, Brought a new Wildtrak manual at the end of May 2014. First day of delivery I noted what felt like a misfire / jerking on acceleration after cruising at a light throttle setting. This is also apparent while going around a "round-about" and going to accelerate off at your exit. ...

      Started by Mark S‎, 11-10-2014 01:40 PM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 360
      23-10-2014, 10:17 AM Go to last post
    3. PK Ranger Auto Diesel 4x4 poor fuel economy

      Hello guys, Just wanted to go over an issue I have with my Ranger. It is a 2009 Diesel Auto 4x4 - completely standard at the moment. I noticed that the fuel range was very poor around 370-390kms. I ran fuel tests and got the following. First tank filled a total 52litres Vortex and got 371km's -...

      Started by djb0909‎, 23-09-2014 01:05 PM
      • Replies: 18
      • Views: 832
      22-10-2014, 03:13 PM Go to last post
    4. PX ranger accessory supply for UHF

      Hi all. I have looked all over the web and through this forum but cant seem to find what im after. I want my uhf to come on when the key is turned. has anyone done this or know where to get the supply from? Cheers

      Started by slateyf350‎, 16-09-2013 04:51 PM
      • Replies: 13
      • Views: 2,536
      21-10-2014, 09:09 AM Go to last post
    5. Question Ford ranger 2013 suspension

      My 2.2 HR XLT ranger have the one clunk noise when go over the bump or when crawling up or down at slope , has anyone found the same ? I notice after 15000 Km use. I suspect from spring or lower arm bush but not sure

      Started by rachain285‎, 19-10-2014 01:50 PM
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 95
      19-10-2014, 01:50 PM Go to last post
    6. PK 2011 Ford Rangerstarting problem

      Hi all , I've read loads on this forum already but still I'm having no success with trying to solve my starting problem with a PK 2011 Ford Ranger. Basically I purchased a 2011 model ranger with approx 65,000 k on clock , the ute was a liquidation sale, so I have limited info on the vehicle. The...

      Started by Over_it‎, 06-10-2014 10:39 AM
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 452
      17-10-2014, 11:27 AM Go to last post
    7. Maximum Tyre Size

      Hello, can anyone advise what is the maximum tyre size for the PX Ranger that I can fit (without scrubbing and changing rims). I am looking at 285x70R17. I am lifting the car by 50mm shortly. Thanks Maggsiexlt

      Started by maggsiexlt‎, 28-03-2013 11:08 AM
      • Replies: 22
      • Views: 7,940
      15-10-2014, 06:58 PM Go to last post
    8. hot idle moan px-bt50 3.2l

      has many people notice moaning noise from bottom of engine when warm and at idle From info from ford south africa service notice on upgrading oil pick up pipe and sump re design A few on newranger have hassled ford and been fixed up even with new oil pump? This issue may already been threaded...

      Started by ab67‎, 27-07-2014 10:59 PM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 569
      14-10-2014, 01:02 AM Go to last post
    9. PX Ranger dropping out

      Sorry guys I've searched high and low and can't find the answer. My 2013 PX XLT manual has had a glitch since new. The glitch is when sort of coasting with slight throttle so not under load really, when you go to apply more power the car kind of jerks before it goes. This is not turbo lag, it...

      Started by simo428‎, 19-06-2014 07:57 AM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 938
      11-10-2014, 01:42 PM Go to last post
    10. Ranger Pk 2010 Suspension upgrade

      Hey guys, just looking for some advice that has been done to death. I have just got myself a new 2010 pk space cab and am looking into getting it lifted. The question i have is in NSW what can i do (suspension + tyres) before i need to get a engineers certificate. I am going to get a 40mm...

      Started by cod80y‎, 31-05-2012 10:23 AM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 3,379
      10-10-2014, 09:16 PM Go to last post
    11. is it normal to get bad fuel consumption when new

      Hey all just went threw my first tank of fuel on my 3.2 daul cab xls auto and only got 470km and had a quarter left then i filled it to the top and it took 61L i was shocked as i see everyone getting at least 10l per 100 if not better. Is it normal to drink alot of fuel when its new. Im hoping it...

      Started by stevex‎, 09-10-2014 08:36 PM
      • Replies: 5
      • Views: 222
      10-10-2014, 04:44 PM Go to last post
    12. 2013 Px 4x4 ranger roof racks

      Looking for some assistance in getting roof racks for my cab -not canopy -cab. Can i or cant i. seems to be a hard one to get much info on. most 4x4 companies do canopy racks but i need one on my cab with the option of adding a basket. is this possible and if so where would the best place be to...

      Started by agav‎, 08-10-2014 08:25 PM
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 182
      09-10-2014, 07:06 PM Go to last post
    13. manual

      Hi guys, does anyone have the manual for the 2010 Ford thai ranger 2.5l xlt turbo diesel? Thanks would really appreciate it. The download link was broken I found

      Started by tymarco‎, 08-10-2014 10:51 PM
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 153
      09-10-2014, 06:48 PM Go to last post
    14. Angry Bad injector interferance on AM radio in my new Ford Ranger. HELP PLEASE!!!

      Ranger AM radio interferance from injectors. Ford do not want to FIX at this point in time Can anyone tell me if they have cured the interference from the injectors on their FORD RANGER. I have so far run up against a brick wall with Ford my car is 2 months old and I have to say that the...

      Started by radio nut‎, 28-05-2014 05:01 PM
      • Replies: 7
      • Views: 1,519
      09-10-2014, 08:23 AM Go to last post
    15. Hill Launch Asist

      Hill launch assist,I have heard its a right pain in the arse as you cannot turn it off. It would seem like a great feature if and when required. I have PX on order and would hope there mite be a solution before I take owner ship of this new ute. Any ideas???

      Started by Montys‎, 30-08-2014 01:06 PM
      • Replies: 10
      • Views: 581
      08-10-2014, 08:13 PM Go to last post
    16. centre bearing spacer/transmission spacer whats the difference?

      Hi Guys :) Im looking at lifting my 2014 XLS px d/cab. I was wondering what the difference is between a transmission spacer and a centre bearing spacer? Or are they the same thing just with a different name. Thanks Gary.

      Started by garysbutler‎, 06-10-2014 02:53 PM
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 202
      07-10-2014, 11:57 AM Go to last post
    17. led light bars versus led spotlights

      Anyone have any info regarding led spottys over a led light bar. I live rural and i am thinking of going for the spots. Where would be best place to have a look at some or purchase and what would be the recomended output for a 2013 px ranger? cheers.

      Started by agav‎, 02-10-2014 04:07 PM
      • Replies: 10
      • Views: 395
      05-10-2014, 10:39 AM Go to last post
    18. Towing over 3 ton with px

      Hi all anyone on here towing over 3ton with there px ranger?? just wondering how they handle it and what the fuel economy is like when towing. I have just brought a boat thats 3.2 ton with half full fuel tanks she is a big unit and wondering how the ranger will go

      Started by mudman‎, 04-09-2014 06:05 PM
      • Replies: 22
      • Views: 902
      04-10-2014, 08:12 PM Go to last post
    19. 2005 ford courier b4000 engine problem

      anyone had any experience with the B4000 sohc v6 fitted to a 2005 ford courier ...overheated non runner..choc milk oil... spins over like little compression 2nd hand engines are a bit like hens teeth ..suspect will need heads and whilst at it set of rings would be a good idea ...can it be done...

      Started by gidgeman‎, 30-09-2014 07:47 PM
      • Replies: 7
      • Views: 267
      02-10-2014, 03:45 PM Go to last post
    20. Lack of power towing with PX ranger

      What possible cause of lack of power when towing? Turbo? intercooler leaks? fuel?

      Started by PD56‎, 12-06-2014 09:22 PM
      2 Pages
      1 2
      • Replies: 26
      • Views: 1,687
      01-10-2014, 08:06 PM Go to last post
    21. PX Ranger 4x4 6 Speed Manual Failure

      I don't know if I'm the first to experience this but my PX XL 4X4 Ranger's gearbox just died. I've started noticing a bit more noise coming from the transmission lately but I thought it was just my imagination but we just got back from Moreton Island and now when down shifting from 4th - 3rd and...

      Started by mbtac05‎, 12-02-2013 06:35 PM
      3 Pages
      1 2 3
      • Replies: 63
      • Views: 15,081
      01-10-2014, 07:55 PM Go to last post
    22. 3.0 ranger conversion into 99 courier won't turn over

      Hi all, I have just done a ranger conversion from a 2011 model into a courier changing all including wireing harness and dash. All ran fine in the donor vehicle but after the conversion I have power to everything but the motor will not turn over. Key light is flashing on the instrument panel so I...

      Started by ranger heart‎, 29-09-2014 06:13 AM
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 248
      30-09-2014, 06:51 AM Go to last post
    23. Dew vehicle on order hopefully

      I wasn't in the vehicle. Been to the holding yard to recover personal effects and tools. Run off the road early this morning. Driver walked away covered in glass.

      Started by Davehoos‎, 19-06-2014 04:49 PM
      • Replies: 7
      • Views: 637
      29-09-2014, 06:47 PM Go to last post
    24. px ranger auto or manual pros and cons

      Hey all still waiting on my new ranger and was told today it hasnt been started getting built and was told they could get me an auto instead of waiting ive always had manual utes so dont no alot about autos herd they drink more fuel .not sure if i just wait for the manual or take an auto

      Started by stevex‎, 25-09-2014 02:08 PM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 324
      28-09-2014, 06:02 PM Go to last post
    25. PK Ranger wheel and tyre size

      hey all I have just lifted my pk ranger 2" and want to get a bigger wheel setup, I was looking at getting steel rims, the question is what size? I wen tto a few tyre shops and they all say different, can anyone help my on what size wheel and tyre combo I can put on without scrubbing out and also...

      Started by Borney76‎, 24-09-2014 07:48 PM
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 181
      24-09-2014, 07:48 PM Go to last post
    26. silver px ranger set up wat looks good

      Hey all just wondering if Anyone with a px ranger in silver that has a aluminum tray or has it set up can u post pics please looking to see wat looks good cheers

      Started by stevex‎, 20-09-2014 05:40 PM
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 291
      23-09-2014, 10:43 PM Go to last post
    27. Front End Woes

      Good evening Forum Members, I own a 2009 2wd, 3 litre diesel, Ford Ranger Twin Cab (PK). The vehicle has been well maintained and only driven conservatively by my wife and I. Recently, I replaced the original Dunlop GrandTrek tyres with a set of Yokohama Geolander A/T's Immediately after...

      Started by WhiteTwinCab‎, 20-08-2014 05:25 PM
      • Replies: 13
      • Views: 990
      23-09-2014, 12:20 PM Go to last post
    28. 09 PK FORD RANGER- When to do Timing belt

      I recently bought a 2009 PK ford Ranger. I was wondering when (K's) you need to do a timing belt, I don't believe it has had it done. Cheers!

      Started by jarvo_325‎, 29-08-2014 01:32 PM
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 571
      17-09-2014, 07:46 AM Go to last post
    29. Ford courier engine swap

      Hey I have a 2000 ford courier single cab pe And I was wanting to do a engine swap on it I really want a v8 to run it at the moment it's running a g6 12 valve straight four. So I'm not to sure on how much the work will cost or what type of v8 to drop in at the lowest price I can get So any...

      Started by Lucaan‎, 06-08-2014 09:03 AM
      courier, v8engine
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 426
      16-09-2014, 11:13 AM Go to last post
    30. spare key

      Hello guys just wondering has anyone know where i can get a spare key for a 2013 ranger xlt i got a quote of $480 plus gst for 1 bloody key and some key cutting places and locksmith places say they cant help, any help or suggestions would be great thanks.

      Started by boof‎, 03-06-2014 08:21 PM
      • Replies: 14
      • Views: 1,198
      15-09-2014, 07:53 PM Go to last post
    31. Question fitting px xlt sport bar to an xls

      Hey guys I have a late 2013 xls and just brought a genuine sport bar from an xlt and was wondering if anyone had fitted one am just after advice on how to wire in the brake light please. Cheers Danny

      Started by daw82‎, 08-09-2014 11:26 PM
      brake light, fittimg, sportbar, xls, xlt
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 372
      15-09-2014, 07:39 PM Go to last post
    32. Canopies causing tubs to crack?

      Here are some parts copied from a conversion from a canopy supplier. "Recently while down at the Ford proving ground we had a meeting with the Ford engineers in regards to my and my competitors canopies. It has been found that on a ranger if a canopy is clamped down on the rail (like...

      Started by tallwombat‎, 04-05-2013 03:21 PM
      2 Pages
      1 2
      • Replies: 43
      • Views: 4,036
      15-09-2014, 07:32 PM Go to last post
    33. Tail Shaft Noise

      Hello every one. I have a 2013 PX Ranger XL that I took to ARB for suspension, undercover protection and bars on both ends. They put in HD suspension on both ends that caused a slight vibration and noise on partial de-acceleration from around 60km right through, and got louder as the speed...

      Started by Stewat7004‎, 24-08-2014 06:03 PM
      • Replies: 10
      • Views: 514
      14-09-2014, 05:58 PM Go to last post
    34. Trailer Lights and Brakes

      When I bought my new XL Ranger, I had the dealer put on a tow bar with brakes to ensure that there were no problems, but have had a constant problem, been back several times and counting with the trailer lights and electric brakes no longer working after around 10 minutes to an hour up the road....

      Started by Stewat7004‎, 25-08-2014 05:32 PM
      • Replies: 13
      • Views: 630
      14-09-2014, 05:48 PM Go to last post
    35. help needed to remove dummy switch panel

      Hi all, I need some help removing the dummy switch panel that sits directly below the traction control switch on PX ranger I feel that is the best place for my Redarc towpro brake controller knob I allready have the surround below heater knobs and lower steering surround off and can touch the...

      Started by oreely‎, 13-09-2014 07:54 AM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 280
      14-09-2014, 03:03 PM Go to last post
    36. Fitting Lightbar in Bumper

      Hey guys, I had a 42in light bar mounted on my sports bar on my old PX but the wind noise was intense. I'm thinking about installing a 22-24in light bar in the bumper of my XLT in the opening, underneath where the number plate is. Kind of like this...

      Started by 51GHH‎, 07-09-2014 01:15 PM
      • Replies: 10
      • Views: 1,509
      12-09-2014, 03:42 PM Go to last post
    37. wheel speed sensors px 4x4

      gday all, Was just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with their wheel speed sensors failing? Ive got a 2012 3.2 auto xlt, an im off tomorrow to my dealer to have a 3rd sensor replaced. Different corner each time. All have been under warranty but just wondering if anyone else had had any...

      Started by jordie‎, 10-09-2014 06:56 PM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 1,262
      11-09-2014, 05:41 PM Go to last post
    38. Question Underseat storage covers

      Hey guys, I recently upgraded to a 2014 XLT, only to find out they don't come with the underseat covers on the storage areas anymore.... Does anyone have a set they don't want anymore? Or know where I can purchase some. I used to put my camping gear ontop of it all the time! Thanks!

      Started by 51GHH‎, 10-09-2014 05:43 PM
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 1,276
      11-09-2014, 05:33 PM Go to last post
    39. What wheel/tyre combo are you running on your PX Ranger.

      Hi everyone, Just trying to get ideas of what aftermarket tyre/wheel size most people run. My vision is, after a 2" lift and a fender flare kit, both of which I have bought already, but not put on yet, I would like to run 16x10 with 0 offset and 305/70s I know it will have to be engineered to...

      Started by Benvette‎, 05-07-2014 05:22 PM
      • Replies: 9
      • Views: 1,031
      09-09-2014, 07:41 PM Go to last post
    40. Long range fuel tank for Ford Ranger PX

      Hi there I wish to have a long range diesel fuel tank installed. AutoXtras have a 145 litre polymer diesel tank new on the market. Has anyone had one installed and if so any comments, or can someone please recommend another option? Many thanks Michael

      Started by mickm‎, 03-09-2014 08:46 PM
      • Replies: 7
      • Views: 548
      08-09-2014, 06:30 PM Go to last post
    41. EGR blocking plate location

      I have the blocking plate for the Ranger and wish to do it and was wondering if anyone knows the location. I found a spot that looks very similar at the top of the engine on the passenger side but once pulled out. seems to have a long tube inside so cannot place the plate on there. Can anyone...

      Started by Benmako84‎, 28-08-2014 05:33 PM
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 520
      07-09-2014, 01:02 PM Go to last post
    42. power problems

      Hi everybody. I have a 2010 Ford Thailand ranger 2.5 litre turbo diesel. My problem is that once the truck reaches 40 kph the truck starts to run hard or funny like it is loosing power but it has power, it that makes sense. I recently changed the EGR sensor and the Map sensor like 3 months ago. But...

      Started by tymarco‎, 13-08-2014 06:36 AM
      • Replies: 11
      • Views: 604
      02-09-2014, 09:54 PM Go to last post
    43. FORD RANGER Owner's Manual


      Started by PD56‎, 30-08-2014 04:06 PM
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 258
      30-08-2014, 04:06 PM Go to last post
    44. PX Ranger excessive smoking/auto clunk

      My PX 2011 XLT ranger has an excessive about of smoke coming out of the exhaust. I just did a service on it myself (107000km) and wondering if anyone else has experienced it themselves. Its a very white/ blue smoke not a black smoke. Quite embarrassing when starting up when in town. I have done the...

      Started by Benmako84‎, 29-07-2014 08:23 PM
      • Replies: 21
      • Views: 1,078
      30-08-2014, 01:08 PM Go to last post
    45. PX Ranger Electric Brake Controller - Factory Approved Tapping Point

      People I have finally been able to get my hands on the latest Ford PX Ranger Body Builders Guide and have found the Factory approved tapping point for an electric brake controller trigger or tapping point. This should finally remove all the confusion over where to tap into...

      Started by Aquahead2001‎, 13-07-2012 11:27 AM
      • Replies: 19
      • Views: 9,251
      30-08-2014, 01:03 PM Go to last post
    46. Towing Mirrors

      Hi All I am taking delivery of my new caravan at start of November its a 22' model so I need to get the Ranger ready. I have purchased a Redarc tow pro Brake controller which will be fitted in the next 2 weeks but cant decide on which mirrors will best suit. I am told that some have problems...

      Started by oreely‎, 29-08-2014 05:19 PM
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 251
      30-08-2014, 12:56 PM Go to last post
    47. Wiring Diagram

      Hi All, My first post here. I've been running Couriers & B2200s for 15 years.I'm a bit of a Luddite,so only run older models,with minimal electrics.I really like the carrying ability of the 8x6 tray & the strong chassis. I am currently fitting an early 80s S2 diesel into my 1988 B2200 Tray.The...

      Started by S2 Diesel‎, 28-08-2014 07:33 AM
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 265
      28-08-2014, 07:33 AM Go to last post
    48. request for advice re new Ranger

      Gidday Gentleman I have been a member for some time but have only posted a couple of times. I live in Brisbane I presently have a diesel Courier , my second, and later this year "I think" I would like to purchase a new auto dual cab XLT Ranger 3.2 diesel." I have a mate outside Mackay who has 20...

      Started by Handy Andy‎, 31-07-2014 08:20 AM
      • Replies: 24
      • Views: 1,135
      25-08-2014, 08:13 PM Go to last post
    49. Ford courier 2004 2.5td help

      Hey guys. So I'm currently running my courier on 15s with 32 inch bighorns. It's come to t be time for me to replace my front hubs and bearings due to the o/s rims. Can anybody recommend a good place where I can get hubs from? I don't really want to go genuine as it's real expensive but can anyone...

      Started by simonnewman‎, 22-08-2014 09:34 PM
      courier, hubs, shocks, tyres
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 271
      25-08-2014, 06:30 PM Go to last post
    50. My XLT pics

      Here is some pics of my XLT.

      Started by PD56‎, 24-03-2013 10:30 PM
      • Replies: 12
      • Views: 3,726
      24-08-2014, 09:26 PM Go to last post

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