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  1. Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: Read before posting a question!

    If you wish to post up a question in these mechanical discussion rooms, please do the following. 1) Do a search. There's thousands of threads so chances are that your question has already been answered. By doing a search, you'll get your answer straight away and it means that the forum isn't...

    Started by PaulST‎, 27-07-2011 11:12 PM
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  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: Show us your Falcon/Fairlane.

    We encourage everyone to post up a few photos of your pride and joy. These rooms are primarily to discuss technical/mechanical issues so we ask that you post up photos in the Your Ride room.

    Started by PaulST‎, 26-12-2010 05:51 PM
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    1. (AU1) Remote central locking

      Hi guys The remote central locking doesn't work on my Au wagon, never has since Ive owned it.. Locks fine with the key but nothing with the keypad......Any ideas?? I have noticed there is one fuse missing from the fuse box but as I dont have a workshop manual or even a Au book I have no idea...

      Started by thatguy76‎, 21-07-2011 11:15 AM
      • Replies: 8
      • Views: 1,607
      30-07-2011, 12:14 PM Go to last post
    2. Auii smartlock

      Hi All, I'm new to this forum, and am hoping someone can help with my prob. My AUII SR has activated its smartlock. I've tried all the normal things, new keypad, checked fuses, let it sit with ign on, disconnected battery..... I'm at a loss, and dont have a lot of $ to throw at it. Any...

      Started by HAPPYDAD‎, 30-07-2011 11:57 AM
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 671
      30-07-2011, 12:11 PM Go to last post
    3. AU2 Falcon dedicated LPG 4.0 UTE

      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi ,i Am In Uk With A Very Rare Beast Over Here ,a 2003 Falcon Ute Auto On Dedicated Lpg (only About 10 In Uk)had It From New And I Love It,but Has Developed An Idle Prob,it Cuts Out On Decelloration And Is Hard To...

      Started by latviajoe‎, 30-07-2011 06:13 AM
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 3,158
      30-07-2011, 12:10 PM Go to last post
    4. (AU3) Speedo and Trans Problems

      Hi All My au 3 forte was driving fine yesterday when the trans stopped changing gears it seems to only go in 2nd and 3rd and the speedo has droped to 0 and doesnt even twich all the other gages on my dash are fine. i have looked at other posts and found Au trans...

      Started by macca au3‎, 12-06-2011 10:03 AM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 3,487
      20-07-2011, 05:17 PM Go to last post
    5. (AU1) headers

      gday all, am wondering wether headers from ed 4.0l will fit or are compatable for au 1 vct motor as i have spare new set from my ed tickford engine they are pacemakers as im doin exhaust on my fairlane also have hi flow cat as well (new for ed 4l as well) any help would be great cheers!...:)

      Started by Tim edxr6‎, 19-06-2011 06:12 PM
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 879
      20-07-2011, 09:11 AM Go to last post
    6. Squeeking engine driving me nuts. (AU2)

      I have replaced the bearings in the idler pulleys and had the alternator rebuilt because the brushes were chattering in it too but there is still an annoying squeek in the utes engine bay. Anybody else had something other than the two mentioned doing the same thing please let me know and I'll check...

      Started by Redwight‎, 07-07-2011 06:58 PM
      • Replies: 9
      • Views: 1,239
      12-07-2011, 09:04 PM Go to last post
    7. Brake problems (AU2)

      Hi All, I have a AU11 one tonner and the brake cylinder is leaking, it is the one for the differential braking system which put more bias to rear wheels as load increases. Was going to fix myself but looks a bit compliated. Repair mechanic advised that the cyl not repairable and genuine from...

      Started by Gazza2711‎, 08-07-2011 09:08 AM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 998
      08-07-2011, 03:58 PM Go to last post
    8. au1 xr8 dash

      does anyone know if the message centre/ centre part of the dask from the fairmont fit the xr8 and do ford make 1 wiring harness to suit all there cars. hoping that the harness is there to just plug into before i go looking for 1.

      Started by AU1XR8‎, 04-07-2011 12:59 PM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 668
      05-07-2011, 08:42 PM Go to last post
    9. forte electic window (AU1)

      hi all first time in i have an au 1 forte 8/99 build has front electric windows with time delay can anyone tell if and where the rear electr plugs will beif i install rear electric windows also are series 2 widow switchs the same as series 1

      Started by outbackman59‎, 03-07-2011 05:52 PM
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 861
      05-07-2011, 05:05 PM Go to last post
    10. AU clock wiring colours - 5 wires

      Hi Wanting to wire the standard clock into my au ute. I need to know what the 5 wires coming out of the clock are for. Colours are... Yellow/Black stripe Purple/Red stripe Brown White Black Must be a constant 12volt plus ignition and dash illumination i guess.

      Started by vh308‎, 14-11-2010 05:14 PM
      • Replies: 9
      • Views: 2,668
      21-06-2011, 08:18 PM Go to last post
    11. AU 1 fairlane- horn problem/engine problem?

      hi all have a couple of issue with my au1 fairlane, horn stay's on ( well now it just keep's blowing fuse's) could anyone give me some advice, workshop manual say's horn button on steering wheel any guess's anyone ? Also have problem with running of car, under sedate driving(my wife) drive's fine...

      Started by Tim edxr6‎, 14-06-2011 05:13 PM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 1,355
      16-06-2011, 03:50 AM Go to last post
    12. Exclamation AU2 Mystery Coolant Leak ? Please Help :(

      Hi guys, I am new to the forum & would just like to give a brief bit of information about my car. I have an AU2 75th Anniversary Futura with 114,000km on the odometer, when I purchased the car it had only done 103,000km & have had no issues up until the last 2,000km. Once I am finished...

      Started by au2futura‎, 01-06-2011 05:35 PM
      au falcon
      • Replies: 14
      • Views: 4,747
      15-06-2011, 06:45 PM Go to last post
    13. Instrument Cluster Died a Super Quick Death!

      So... I was driving along, 38 weeks pregnant, off to the doctor and low and behold the intrument cluster in my AUII Falcon had a hissy fit and DIED! :SHOCKED: The dials began to go crazy, they all flipped to the right, so it appeared my car was super overheating and I had the fullest tank of...

      Started by westie80‎, 25-05-2011 12:33 PM
      cluster, dials, instrument, speedo
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 763
      03-06-2011, 02:16 PM Go to last post
    14. Exclamation AUIII XR6 sedan Central Locking not staying locked - drivers door.

      Hi All, I know there has been posts of central locking issues before and I have looked at a all i can find but unfortunately none seem to help. Out of the blue (as always) my car would not lock, press the lock button here the actuators activate then the driver door unlocks again and horn...

      Started by etv_10‎, 30-05-2011 03:40 PM
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 1,253
      02-06-2011, 07:01 PM Go to last post
    15. Exclamation AU2 Problem after removing front Fascia ??

      Well the other day the globe for my A/C blew, & it would of irritated me if I left it like that so I took the fascia off (have done this before when replacing blown clock globe) but this time I needed to pull it out a bit further. Now in the night where the 'Stick figure' is with the Air Flow...

      Started by au2futura‎, 01-06-2011 08:00 PM
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 400
      01-06-2011, 08:00 PM Go to last post
    16. AU Steering wheel removal / Cruize control repair.

      Hey, my Cruise control sort of stoped working on my AU 1, the button "set" wouldnt set at all, no matter how many time i pressed it or how hard i pressed it. Then it would randomly work if i pressed it softly, but not always. So i got a bit frustrated n pushed to hard n snapped whatever was...

      Started by fordrule‎, 26-05-2011 01:17 AM
      au i, cruise control, steering wheel, wheel
      • Replies: 15
      • Views: 8,397
      31-05-2011, 12:30 AM Go to last post
    17. XR6 AU3 Locking Problem

      Gday, I am having issues with locking my car. When I lock it all the doors lock except for the rear drivers side. I have tried locking it with the key and the fob but it makes no difference. It is a bit of a concern when I work nights as my car is outside and Im worried someone will pinch it or...

      Started by jamibr7373‎, 07-07-2010 08:38 PM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 1,142
      30-05-2011, 03:58 PM Go to last post
    18. AU Gearbox Trouble, 5spd.

      Hey, i was gonna post this in my other thread, but its a completely diff topic. Ok, so a few months ago i noticed my XR6's gearbox wouldnt disengage properly while putting it into gears 1 or 2 some of the time , i didnt think anything of it as all i had to do was pump the clutch a second time...

      Started by fordrule‎, 26-05-2011 01:24 AM
      5 speed, au falcon, gearbox, manual
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 3,229
      28-05-2011, 12:38 AM Go to last post
    19. AUII Fairlane 2000 Central locking / Alarm / Electrical issue???

      G'day all, I need some help and whilst I've seen similar posts mine seems a bit unique/odd. The issues aren't consistent so it's like whatever is causing them works intermittently. Basically the alarm/central locking is regularly going mental. I've cut the alarm but i still often get the...

      Started by rf_barton@hotmail‎, 23-05-2011 04:22 PM
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 802
      23-05-2011, 04:22 PM Go to last post
    20. Au xr8 series 1 upgrades


      Started by AU1XR8‎, 29-04-2011 12:48 PM
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 4,701
      22-05-2011, 03:57 PM Go to last post
    21. 94 EF Falcon S/Wag wont start

      Hi, I have an 94 EF Falcon S/Wag with 4.0i petrol engine. It wont start, it turns over fine and the battery is fine. It just cranks but no signs of it firing up. I have checked it has spark, injector pulse, checked injectors are not blocked and checked for fuel at the injectors. checked the...

      Started by eddyj443‎, 22-05-2011 12:26 PM
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 1,454
      22-05-2011, 12:26 PM Go to last post
    22. Series 1 AU Falcon Xr8 overheating issue

      Hi Guys, My Series 1 Au Xr8 has an issue where it spews out coolant/water from the back of my motor just underneath the Intake Manifold at the rear. I checked the pipes as well and its not those, there seems to be a small hole where the coolant is leaking from but it causes overheating really...

      Started by daimler80‎, 05-05-2011 08:56 PM
      • Replies: 7
      • Views: 3,712
      22-05-2011, 08:08 AM Go to last post
    23. XR8 loss in power when accerating

      G'day guys got a wierd thing here for ya to help me solve..comming home tonight about 10 k's outta from where i live i gave the XR8 a reasonable boot left the car in 5th gear and just put the pedal down slowed it back up and contiuned on for about 8k's then turned into a intersection for the...

      Started by Greendragon‎, 13-03-2011 07:16 PM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 2,249
      21-05-2011, 02:38 PM Go to last post
    24. Right Rear Brake Rotor /Hand Brake Problem

      I have this problem with my AU1 Right rear Brake Rotor that l can't get it off to replace it. I have released the hand brake at both points and it still won't come off. I put a gear puller on it and that didn't work just bent the rotor. The car is now booked in on Wednesday morning to have the work...

      Started by Peter Bray‎, 17-05-2011 10:04 AM
      neverseen always heard.
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 1,992
      19-05-2011, 02:41 PM Go to last post
    25. Pursuit 250 auto won't idle when cold

      Does anybody know why this might be. I have reset the ECU but no luck.

      Started by XR8 250‎, 11-05-2011 09:27 PM
      • Replies: 7
      • Views: 1,511
      16-05-2011, 08:34 PM Go to last post
    26. au falcon lpg convershion, coulple of tech qeustions if any one can help

      hey guys just before i got rid of the tired worn out eb i pulled the gas system out b4 i sent it of for free pick up and like mentioned above just have a few questions for the lpg tech heads out there, i upgraded to an au falcon series one i think year"99" the gas system i salvage is...

      Started by shaun/zf‎, 06-05-2011 08:17 PM
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 2,066
      07-05-2011, 01:10 PM Go to last post
    27. Au iii steerinr box vibration

      Hello. I have a 2002 series III falcon forte that originally blew a sensor switch. After replacincing it twice, the new one works fine. However it now has developed a vibration coming from the steering rack when you turn left or right. It wont do it when you throttle it a fraction when negotiating...

      Started by ang22221‎, 03-05-2011 06:23 AM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 993
      06-05-2011, 02:46 PM Go to last post
    28. AU111 interior light stopped working.

      as the title says, my folks have an AU3, the interior light worked intermittently and then stopped working all together. sometimes if if you tap the cover it will come on. but mostly not. my thought is a poor or damaged earth. so i guess to fix this, you have to remove the hood lining??...

      Started by xy-transit‎, 30-04-2011 05:51 PM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 942
      30-04-2011, 10:02 PM Go to last post
    29. sun damaged paint

      hi my AU falcon is starting 2get sum damaged on the boot its a light gold champane colour wat do u think would be the best product 2 use 2 buff it up 2 make it nice and shiney again i was thinking cut and polish but thinking that mite be a bit harsh

      Started by scrivvy‎, 17-03-2011 09:53 PM
      • Replies: 6
      • Views: 2,903
      28-04-2011, 09:50 PM Go to last post
    30. Question Rear Springs

      I've just bought a new set of rear coils(Kings) for my AU3 (live axle) they arrived to-day and they're marked LH and RH. Now it makes no difference I'm about to install them as directed but I'm just curious why LH and RH. I've measured them and compared them in every possible way and can see...

      Started by Merv‎, 28-04-2011 01:28 PM
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 609
      28-04-2011, 01:28 PM Go to last post
    31. rear spoiler : how do you wire it up?

      hey guys, i recently bought a rear spoiler for my AU falcon sedan. the spoiler is off a BA xr6. my au was spoilerless from factory, so i have no idea of where the plug for the stoplight in the spoiler connects too. can anyone help? cheers, josh.

      Started by hendoau99‎, 19-04-2011 01:43 PM
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 1,039
      21-04-2011, 02:43 PM Go to last post
    32. au falcon coil pack readings

      hi guys got a au falcon that started playing up yesterday engine light has come on and running very ruff, its missing feels like dirty injectors does anyone know what the coil pack readings should be for the primary and secondry coils so i can mesure each one with a digital multimeter thanks guys

      Started by shaun/zf‎, 13-04-2011 09:54 AM
      au falcon, coil readings
      • Replies: 8
      • Views: 8,303
      15-04-2011, 05:27 PM Go to last post
    33. au falcon has misfire after changeing exhaust please help

      hi guys as mentioned above i have a au falcon that is missing after an exhaust swap to try en cut a long story short "do my best anyway" bought this thing for $200 off my sister that put it through some guys front fence :rolleyes: mostly cosmetic damage to the front its been sitting in my driveway...

      Started by steptoe1111‎, 12-04-2011 07:09 PM
      au falcon, exhaust, missfire, muffler, reset ecu
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 2,845
      15-04-2011, 02:18 PM Go to last post
    34. AU II a/c button light blown

      The light behind my a/c button has blown so I can't tell at a glance whether I've turned the air conditioning on or not. Is it much of a hassle to fix?

      Started by sk‎, 13-04-2011 12:55 PM
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 1,523
      14-04-2011, 07:18 AM Go to last post
    35. Au11 Falcon 2001

      Both the front doors are not draining the water out of the drain holes at the bottom of the doors. All holes are clean at the bottom and the sill plates are tight and doors are flush. Any suggestions please.

      Started by slash123‎, 12-04-2011 07:20 AM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 1,743
      12-04-2011, 05:13 PM Go to last post
    36. AU II Welch Plug

      The in-laws AU II has only done 95000ks and its now going in as a welch plug needs changing, to me it seems a bit to early to have problems like this or is it a common problem ? Also its dedicated gas and has to keep going back to Ford to have the gas reset as it keeps stuffing up about every 3 to...

      Started by Agro_EF‎, 06-04-2011 08:24 PM
      • Replies: 8
      • Views: 5,973
      12-04-2011, 05:09 PM Go to last post
    37. Cool Low Idle

      Hi All My AU has been playing up a bit since taking the engine out to fix some major oil leaks. I have very low idle when sitting at the lights in gear. I've soldered some pins to some wires and connected into the idle control valve sitting ontop of the butterfly and my multimeter. Once the car is...

      Started by electradaz‎, 17-03-2011 01:29 PM
      • Replies: 7
      • Views: 1,310
      12-04-2011, 03:58 PM Go to last post
    38. 2001 AU11 Futura Wagon

      Both the front doors are not draining the water out of the drain holes at the bottom of the doors. All holes are clean at the bottom and the sill plates are tight and doors are flush. Any suggestions please.

      Started by slash123‎, 12-04-2011 07:15 AM
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 661
      12-04-2011, 07:15 AM Go to last post
    39. Broke my new box

      Iv still got a major vibration in my ute i thought it was my clutch and spicket but it look's like it is something bigger. put my new clutch and box in and still got the vibration anyone out there know or got idea on what it could be. it has broke the new box in the exact same spot.

      Started by peg leg bob‎, 10-04-2011 07:25 PM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 890
      11-04-2011, 11:14 AM Go to last post
    40. AU II Fairlane 20in rims possible?

      Hi...is it possible on an AUII Fairlane to have 20x8.5 rims on an AU2 Fairlane?

      Started by Boyscout‎, 04-04-2011 01:54 PM
      • Replies: 12
      • Views: 2,821
      10-04-2011, 02:49 PM Go to last post
    41. Nuetral saftey switch or gearbox?

      My automatic AU falcon has been playing up now for little while. A few people have told me different answers and I am wanting your advise. Ok, not to sure if it is the gearbox or the nuetral safety switch. The car will only start in nuetral, but will start first time every time when in nuetral....

      Started by jeselkod‎, 05-04-2011 03:16 PM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 2,399
      09-04-2011, 12:30 PM Go to last post
    42. Thumbs up Looking for Gastec processor for Ford 2000 Au II

      Hey M8s am putting my brand new 2nd hand car, Ford 2000 Au II, through RWC and gas safety check and have found out the gastec processor has been taken out and the stepping motor has been by-passed. Don't ask me why they did it but did. Anyone know where I could get 2nd hand too replace these...

      Started by g8m8s‎, 06-04-2011 07:38 PM
      gastec processor, lpg
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 1,222
      06-04-2011, 07:38 PM Go to last post
    43. Cool Need a gas guru PLEASE!!!!

      Hi all, new to the forum and looking for your help please. I have a AUIII dedicated gas ute (factory) that pings like there is no tomorrow when on the freeway. its important to me that i stop it pinging as the freeway is most of my driving. I will give you as much info as possible, new...

      Started by tradesman special‎, 04-04-2011 07:10 AM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 916
      06-04-2011, 09:31 AM Go to last post
    44. cd player error code

      I have just changed my battery and the radio needs a code i thought i had the code but it was wrong i now have the correct code but the radio is locked and is saying "Err" (error). Does anyone know how to reset it so i can enter the correct code? CHEERS.

      Started by macca au3‎, 01-04-2011 09:36 PM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 3,140
      03-04-2011, 09:11 PM Go to last post
    45. waterproof seat covers

      as stated, do ba ones fit on au xr seats? or am i going to have to get other ones? cheers

      Started by eviltina‎, 24-03-2011 12:27 PM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 2,403
      02-04-2011, 06:25 PM Go to last post
    46. AU Alts

      Ok people check your power steering hose above your au falcon alt we seem to be seeing a rise in au's this week most we have had in months its the power steering fluid dripping into it... tighten your hoses!

      Started by AUFU98‎, 09-03-2011 10:20 AM
      • Replies: 4
      • Views: 1,871
      28-03-2011, 04:48 PM Go to last post
    47. Question Audio system stopped, red light on??

      We have a 01 AU11 Fairmont fitted with the factory 6 disc audio system (Prestige according to the manual) The car sits for weeks at time since i typically get round on the motor bike. I went to use it this morning and the audio system will not go. There is nothing in the hand book to help me. I...

      Started by Ruaphu‎, 27-03-2011 08:15 AM
      • Replies: 1
      • Views: 718
      27-03-2011, 03:34 PM Go to last post
    48. Cool More power!

      Well its time to ask the question! Other then turbo and super whats the way to get more power out of my au.. i have done Intake Ceramic 4499's paceys 100cpi cat 2 1/2" exhaust CAPA flash tuned

      Started by AUFU98‎, 13-03-2011 04:12 PM
      • Replies: 2
      • Views: 1,320
      27-03-2011, 08:44 AM Go to last post
    49. Unhappy power drain in au ute..... wont start! pls help!

      Hi, I'm having a problem with my ute, when you turn the ignition on the volts drop down to nine, battery is fine, alternator is fine. I'm out of ideas can anyone give me some tips on what to try next? Thanks, Lisa.:

      Started by langel‎, 25-03-2011 08:57 PM
      • Replies: 3
      • Views: 1,397
      26-03-2011, 01:14 PM Go to last post
    50. au ute auto

      neutral betwen 2 3 gears the fluid level is correct got any ideas thanks

      Started by langel‎, 26-03-2011 12:41 PM
      • Replies: 0
      • Views: 584
      26-03-2011, 12:41 PM Go to last post

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