View Full Version : EF2 Fairmont Ghia Boot Leak

04-06-2010, 12:05 PM
I have a boot leak in my beautiful fairmont and its driving me nuts. It is coming in between the two metal plates in the boot just under the bottom drivers side of the rear window. Seems to be a leak in the gutter somehow.

I have an antenna bracket either side of the boot screwed down into the boot gutter and was blaming the bracket. So yesterday pulled it out, cleaned out all the crappy silicone and replaced with a generous serving of blackjack (definite seal). Just after this I noticed that the bracket was downhill of the actual leak (DOH! oh well future problem dealt with).

We had this issue when we got the car and the old man pumped some silicone up into the void under the window flange and the problem dissapeared for a long time. Now it's back with attitude.

So are there any known problems with this model/series for this? Seems strange to be coming out between the two steel plates just in front of the factory amplifier (almost dripping on it).

Any and all constructive ideas appreciated before I have to take out the rear window for a better look.

04-06-2010, 11:54 PM
Hi, may be another leak, check the rubber seals are still thick and springy and not all flat and squashed up being around the boot perimeter. Lay a bead of sikaflex ( - 219 i think, that is, marine grade and about twenty bucks a tube) on any dubious squashed spots. Check all door seals too and firewall for leaks also. The way to work the sikaflex is not to get it on you, and, smooth out the sikaflex bead with washing up liquid on your finger. Suggest sponge out the suspect area you earlier attended to with the silcone and towel dry what you can. When dry use more of the sikaflex to seal up the old job again, using washing up liquid on your finger(s). Any sikaflex left in tube than it's best to store tube in the freezer as it goes off quick. Turps will wash off the sikaflex you weren't supposed to get all over the place. Cheers.

05-06-2010, 01:45 PM
I thought much the same myself at first that it would be the boot seal or something in one of the corners. Unfortunately I found the source of the drip (more like a drool with our rain atm) and it is coming out well above the location of the boot seal from between two steel plates (top right corner of boot just under the rear window.