View Full Version : NC II Fairlane - what to look out for?

17-03-2010, 10:52 PM
Hey guys, need your help & expertise on this matter.

Now that I've left my job and the work car behind, I'm on a car-hunt. I'm looking at this '93 Fairlane, 178ks, it's in pretty good nick as far as I can see, paintwork excellent, panels straight, it's obviously been looked after, reasonably priced too. I'm yet to take a look at the mechanicals though, the owner wasn't home when I was looking at it. I'm just wondering, apart from head gasket and transmission probs, what other issues and obvious problems should I think about for before I ring up this bloke and arrange to see the car? I'm not very familiar with the E series and I'm not that mechanically minded, and I'd like to have a little bit of common knowledge behind me.

Cheers for your advice fellas. Oh and if this has been asked before or I've posted this in the wrong spot, sorry.

18-03-2010, 12:20 AM
As with all cars, check the temperature. A lot of people don't believe that you have to flush your coolant annually, and if they haven't done so, the radiator might be cactus. They are usually pretty solid cars, so there isn't that much to go badly wrong other than the head gasket, and radiators, so just do a usual "buying a car inspection": check the tyres for uneven wear (could indicate worn ball joints, poor alignment or poor rack). Check the damping on the springs, listen for funny knocks from the driveline/engine, bearing noise, air con (if that doesn't work, depending on the cause, you COULD be up for a lot of money) and listen out for squealy belts...

18-03-2010, 12:25 AM
theyre very honest cars.. just check the obvious such as...
tyre tread, headlights, indicators, horn, high beam, brake lights, demister, wipers, odometers often stop... all the windows wind up and down, doors lock. etc

body wise check for rust main spots in these cars are around the wheel arches and the side sills.

mechanically check oil level if its looked after it will be full. if not its either burning or leaking or not being checked regularly.
if cars not hot check coolant level and whether its coolant or just tap water, thats also a good indication as to how well its looked after...
other than that just check around the rocker cover, head and sump for any obvious oil leaks..
listen to it running if theres something not right u'll hear it (a knock or a tick)

thats about all i can think of.