View Full Version : ef engine coil pack / dizzy

16-02-2010, 09:32 PM
Hey just wondering if anyone knows if you can put a distributer out of an eb into an ef engine that has coil packs?

i have a manual eb fairmont ghia that has a blown headgasket, i also have a written off ef falcon that has a coil pack engine in it, and i was going to put the engine into my eb, i was told the easiest way to go about it was to use the eb manifolds and accessaries but not to sure what to do with the dizzy/coil?

any help or info would be greatly appreciated


19-02-2010, 08:27 AM
Yes you can use the EF engine in the EB by removing the cam angle sensor from the dizzy hole and fitting the EB dizzy in its place. I would do as you said and just use the EB manifolds and wiring. Trying to fit the EF broad band manifold takes a bit more work. You may also have to swap timing covers to allow the pulley brackets for the multi fanbelt setup. EB has the twin idler pulley with bracket and I'm not sure if it bolts up to the EF timing cover(????)