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16-06-2008, 11:55 AM
Over the last few months I've had some intermittent problems with my car, which of course didn't reveal themselves when I had someone look at it. The first problem was during a 130 km country trip. About half way home, a few times the engine appeared to miss for a moment. Then on the third or fourth time the miss was quite pronounced, the traction control light lit up and stayed on and the car was fine the rest of the way home, albeit with traction control inoperative. I figured out that what I interpreted as a miss must have been the traction control momentarilly limiting torque each time. The car was fine next time I drove it and the traction control operated normally.

A few weeks later I was turning out of the petrol station at home and with the car half way out onto the road it stalled. I restarted the car and again the traction control light remained on.

A few weeks after that, I got into the car to go back to work after coming home for lunch. The car was still warm therefore and when I turned the key to start, nothing at all happened. I tried a few more times and then realised that when the key was in the on position, there was a noise, a bit like wood tapping iron, that I worked out was coming from the fuel pump. I turned the ignition off, waited 5 minutes, then tried again and the car started straight away. I didn't have another problem with it that day.

Then yesterday afternoon I pulled up at a lookout in town and had been there for a minute or two with the engine running when it stalled. There was the noise from the fuel pump again and it wasn't going to stop regardless how many times I turned the key back to off and to start again. So I sat there for another five minutes and then the car started.

Has anyone heard of such a thing happening and could the fuel pump be the cause of it all? If the fuel pump has to be replaced, what needs to be done to get to it and what would the likely cost be?

20-06-2008, 11:55 PM
I wouldn't start changing parts just yet, at least not before scanning the PCM for codes. If your TC light stayed on, then a code must have been logged in the memory.
Traction Control and fuel pump have no relation whatsoever. TC works by retarding ignition timing and/or reducing injector duty cycle or totally cutting injection if necessary, but it does this at the injectors, not at the pump.
It's possible that if you have a problem with the fuel system, and TC for some reason needed to operate, if said problem got in the way of TC operation, the light will be on the way you describe it. It's just to let you know that the system is not operating. That's why the TC light is always ON on dual-fuel cars, because TC cannot control individual cylinders on LPG.
One more thing. When you say "when I turned the key to start, nothing at all happened" Do you mean the car cranked but did not start or that it didn't even crank ? Because if that's the case then you are looking at a different problem altogether...

23-06-2008, 10:51 AM
The car didn't even crank.

I probably should have added also, when the problem with the traction control cutting in and then disabling itself happened, I was on a straight stretch of highway in fine conditions with the cruise control engaged.

27-06-2008, 08:50 PM
If the car didn't crank I'll definitely would be looking at the Smartshield and/or the inhibitor switch circuit. See if the hand is flashing on the cluster when the car is having the "no crank" problem. If the hand is operating normally, try to move the selector through the gears (or jiggle it in P or N) while holding the key in the "crank" position.
And don't forget to check for codes to see why the TC light is coming on.

17-11-2008, 10:44 PM
I got a AU3 that would die if you did a hard turn and then accelerated quickly then the motor would come fire up again. The dealer had some onboard testing gear and took it for some hard runs - faulty fuel pump and replaced under warranty - just! No probs since.
One other thing was at 120K it would idle rough - needed the throttle sensor cleaned and adjusted & OK so far.:)

19-11-2008, 12:28 AM
I suggest you read the problems that I've had,go to threads posted,"Wanted" & "AUxr8",by Auxr80, all about the nightmare I'm having with mine & it ain't over yet.

19-11-2008, 12:31 AM
I suggest you read the problems that I've had,go to threads posted,"Wanted" & "AUxr8",by Auxr80, all about the nightmare I'm having with mine & it ain't over yet.

24-11-2008, 06:18 PM
It would appear that after waiting long enough to be sure the problem wouldn't happen again, my problem has been fixed. My car has an after market plug in chip that over rides the standard engine settings to get more performance out of PULP.

I took my car to a Ford dealer for a regular service and told them the story, however they couldn't fault the car and nothing showed up that day. As a last option I removed the chip from the car and drove it for 3 weeks without a problem. I contacted the chip manufacturer and asked if they'd heard of any problems such as mine occuring. They hadn't, however the bloke told me that in some situations over time, there becomes an issue with the terminals of the chip contacting the board. When the chip was fitted, the terminals of the board had to be "beefed up" for want of a better term with solder, to ensure good contact and sometimes that has to be done again.

Well I didn't do that, however I got a small screwdriver and prised all the terminals on the chip so they they would contact the board tighter. I then out the chip onto the board and off again umpteen times incase there may have been some corrosion on a terminal I failed to notice.

End result, the chip has been back in the car for 4 weeks and in that time done quite a few km, including a day trip of 800 km when I went to Adelaide and back and it hasn't faulted once. It would appear as a result that intermittent contact with one or more terminals was the issue, as the car presumably got stuck in whatever state as it was switching back and forth between the aftermarket chip and the standard ECU settings.