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24-07-2003, 12:50 PM
I'm up for a new pair of tyres soon - I was just wondering what are some good tyres in the up to $200 range for my EL XR6 with 225/50/16 in V rating? I heard about some Yokohamas on one of the threads which were highly recommended, but were $250 each. $200 a tyre is my limit, $150 is probably the lowest price I will go as anything lower than that with a V rating is likely to be pretty ordinary. I would like a reasonable wear rate out of them, so no really sticky/high wear tyres. I have had the current pair of Wanli tyres on the back since I got it, the previous owner said they were new and have done 30000kms at least. He obviously was trying to save money as I was told later they are worth around $100 each, which is pretty cheap for 16 x 7's in a V rating.

I have some Dunlop Bathurst 1000 tyres on the front - have noticed the car understeers a little more easily compared to the Falken tyres which were previously on the front. That may have something to do with they were 6 months old and I got them at a special price for $130 each as a customer had them ordered for something to do with warranty, but never picked them up, so they may have got a little harder.

25-07-2003, 06:27 AM
Yah WEll im buyin new tyres for my car in the exact size that u r lookin for. Im goin to go for firestones they are V rated and on special at my local dealer for $150. They have a quite unusual tread pattern but some bloke tells me it is the same tread pattern Some Formula 1 cars use (For whats is worth :\ ) yeh have a look at them though even though i cant really make ne comments on the driveability or wear they look like a moderately priced respectable quality sort of tyre.
If u wait until after Sat i will have them fitted then i can tell u if i understeer my way off the road or not:lol


Ef Falcon.

25-07-2003, 10:57 AM
thanks - I can afford to wait a little as I'm in a position where I got paid yesterday, and I still owe $200 on the VISA after putting my pay into it and paying $225 towards my rent to my housemate. Another couple of weeks and I might stick some tyres on it.