View Full Version : Eastern Creek and Mildura Meet coming up.

Paul Stewart
04-02-2004, 09:55 AM
Since some of you don't visit the Meets room, I thought I'd put this thread in here.
FordAustraliaForum.com are having two meets over the next few months, a meet in Mildura over Easter and a Meet and cruise at the Eastern Creek V8Supercars.
The Mildura meet will be held on Saturday 10th till Sunday 11th April 2004 and will include activities such as Go-karts, historic jails and general touristy activities.
The Eastern Creek will be held on April 4th this year at Eastern Creek and will include a cruise to get there. Click on the link below for more information on both.

Mildura Meet info here (http://pub126.ezboard.com/ffordsperformancefalconsforumfrm67.showMessage?top icID=23.topic)
Eastern Creek info here (http://pub126.ezboard.com/ffordsperformancefalconsforumfrm67.showMessage?top icID=16.topic)