View Full Version : FOR SALE: 1977 XC Falcon 500 Wagon

16-06-2004, 07:19 AM
Ok this thing is a beast and her name is BIG BERTHA, you are guaranteed to pick up ladies in this thing , I had big plans for her,but I just dont have the time or money.
1977 XC Ford Falcon 500
White(needs a cut and polish there is some in the glove box)
4.1L Straight 6
274,012 Km
Column shift Auto
Rust is in usual places(only surface rust)being a 1977 car
just had a full service and the brakes redone (reciept), so it is mechanically A1, and the body is in perfect condition, jst dull paint and a few small rust spots nothing major, the interior is as new, I @#%$ you not! dash has a mat so there is no cracks.
Wokring A/C
Never been in an accident, and for any people from Castle Hill, this car has a history, it used to belong to the Tav but they didnt need it any more so I took it off their hands and fixed a few mechanical things.(Brakes etc.)
Looking for around $2000,there arent many of these around, and there are less in such good condition!

Ah yeah and it has no rego, but the blue slip will be supplied.
PH: 0421 046 248 before 8pm and after 3pm.